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EE Technologies Installs Assembleon iFlex

EE Technologies has partnered with Assembleon for more than 12 years for pick & place equipment because of Assembleon’s commitment to truly integrated manufacturing solutions. Assembleon’s solutions fit perfectly into manufacturing environments mainly focused on high first-pass yield, not just raw speed or output. EE Technologies and Assembleon share a focus on long-term reliable performance and low integral cost, instead of just keeping initial investments low. And this partnership has resulted in predictable operational costs and repeatable build quality. EE Technologies’ partnership with Assembleon has been a factor in keeping EE Technologies competitive in a world that demands continuous improvement.

As a full-service contract electronics manufacturer, EE Technologies assembles printed circuit boards and builds electro-mechanical assemblies from its locations in the greater Reno, Nevada area and in Empalme, Sonora, Mexico. The addition of the Assembleon iFlex further allows EE Technologies to deliver the right quantities at the highest quality on time to its customers. In EE Technologies’ growing product mix environment, iFlex handles orders more efficiently than other systems by planning and producing different board types on the same line at low costs and at high yields. iFlex is a complete new intelligent and flexible SMT solution for electronics manufacturers. It is especially designed to increase their productivity in high product mix environments by more than 30%. iFlex produces the highest board quality since it uses Assembleon’s unique single-pick/single-place technology, giving the industry’s highest First Pass Yield production levels with defect levels of less than 10 DPPM.

The modular iFlex is not only easy to install, but supported by smart software tools also easy to program without hardware reconfiguration. Featuring dual transport lanes, dual sided feeding, internal buffer positions and feeder and trolley exchanges during production, iFlex has been designed for highest throughput. Assembleon’s unique ‘Independent Dual Lane’ concept allows manufacturers to produce in volume on one lane, while frequently and independently changing jobs on the second. That allows a great variety of PCBs to be assembled simultaneously on a single manufacturing line. The flexibility built into iFlex allows manufacturers to assemble high-quality PCBs at any quantity, no matter how much variety. This makes iFlex ideal for the high product mix environments increasingly being demanded in the industry.

"We continue to see a growth in product mixes," said Sonny Newman, President for EE Technologies. "Expanded product variety can present a risk to productivity and to costs since changing from product A to product B takes time. iFlex reduces this risk by offering a smart combination of flexible hardware and software solutions. iFlex combines quality, intelligent flexibility, efficiency, and cost control in one smart solution."

As well as offering the flexibility to help manufacturers to produce more efficiently, Assembleon’s iFlex also excels in quality. And that ultimately gives electronics manufacturers a competitive advantage. "Assembleon uses single-pick/single-place for iFlex," says Tonn van de Laar, CEO of Assembleon. "Together with the software, this ensures the highest quality products from every line. That is essential in today’s growing high mix environments, because when you are expected to deliver 5000 boards to your customer, you are expected to deliver 5000 good boards. iFlex guarantees this. So it’s no longer necessary to produce more than the requested quantity which saves time and costly waste. All this improves the reliability of electronics manufacturers, and gives them a head start when it comes to repeat orders, saving on production costs too."

About EE Technologies
EE Technologies, Inc. ( is a premier Contract Manufacturing partner that provides many services including printed circuit board assembly and electro-mechanical assembly, as well as procurement, engineering, test and consulting services. EET is ISO/TS 16949-2009 certified and relentlessly focuses on world-class quality and service. EET is a recognized leader in circuit board assembly for the automotive, medical, RF/Wireless, gaming, military, scientific, educational, industrial, aviation and digital audio/video markets. With continual growth and expansion into other technologies and marketplaces, we welcome requests for quote from companies in any industry. For more information on EE Technologies please visit

About Assembleon
Assembleon is a global supplier of Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Pick & Place solutions for the electronics manufacturing industry. Assembleon is a trustworthy partner, providing full application support, training and services. Assembleon offers a product that can be easily integrated into your manufacturing environment, ensuring your equipment runs competitively at all times. Assembleon’s customers include some of the leading players in industries such as consumer, personal computer and automotive electronics, as well as more specialized fields like module manufacturing and semiconductor backend.

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