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Company is on the forefront of HCM.

Despite an economic downturn, don’t expect the field of human capital management to be disappearing anytime soon. Staffing agencies, consultants, and recruiters will always need programs to track the complex comings and goings of “human capital.” One person who is well aware of this is Tim Giehll, CEO of Bloomington-based eEmpACT Software. We recently spoke with him about what eEmpACT software can do, and what he sees as the future for human-capital management.

What is eEmpACT software?

eEmpACT is part of a new field called human-capital management (HCM) software. Our software automates the entire “human-capital supply chain” by allowing staffing companies, recruiting departments, and consulting firms to better manage the process of finding and evaluating talent, assigning that talent to projects or jobs, and managing the entire customer/candidate relationship.

What are technology islands and how does your release of eEmpact 9 deal with them?

Prior to eEmpACT 9, users would buy five or more different pieces of human-capital-related software and then try to integrate them together on their own. They would try to integrate their rŽsumŽ tracking system with their Web site with their HR system and their payroll or invoicing system–and with little success. eEmpACT brings all of that functionality to the user through one software interface. From the main eEmpACT software program, the user can access the Bridgepath Exchange, Ti3’s Web-based time/expense service, the Microsoft Great Plains accounting system, and other technologies, without having to leave the eEmpACT platform.

You once wrote about how the healthcare staffing market will be the next hot sector. How is eEmpACT positioning itself to offer services to this market?

In addition to our core product, we are developing a health care-specific module, called eEmpACT Healthcare, that will address the unique needs of health care staffing companies and hospitals. Our service offerings continue to expand as customers are looking for additional networking, consulting, and operational help as they implement or update their HCM systems. In addition, we continue to experience growing success offering our software along with Microsoft software in our hosted ASP environment.

Has human-capital management reached a point where it has maximized its use of technology, or is there still room to grow?

Human-capital management software is just starting to develop into a mission-critical application for all corporations. The job shortages and huge signing bonuses of 1999 and 2000 were a wake-up call to CEOs at companies around the world. The recession took the heat off for a little while, but companies will need to find, attract, assign, and retain talent in order to implement their growth plans for 2003 and beyond. You will see changes in the HCM technology space as companies such as Monster, ADP, Manpower, and others are required by their customers to offer fully integrated HCM technology solutions just like the ERP and CRM customers required. The growth in the market has just begun.

What can we expect from eEmpACT in 2002?

You can expect us to continue to strengthen our core eEmpACT product for the traditional staffing and recruiting customers, along with an expansion into healthcare and consulting in the second half of 2002. You’ll see a lot more marketing and PR efforts as we continue to grow our business, especially in terms of partnerships and channel development.

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