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Efficient Data Management With Microsoft Hadoop For Windows Azure

The term Big Data became a buzz word in the complex high performance IT market with ample data-sets to work upon. Because of the high velocity of data that flowed through the information hierarchy of big organizations, there were many difficulties including acquiring, storing, searching , sharing, and visualizing Big data. All these were done with the motive of analyzing future trends .The size of big data varies depending on the ability of an organization to manage Big Data sets. The sizes are constantly changing with the target currently ranging from terabytes to many petabytes of data in a single data set.

Apache hadoop is an open source project by Apache which handle massive amounts of data, structured, semi-structured or unstructured data, in the best possible manner. Its popularity can be tracked back to its ability to store and process large amounts of data, in a quick and cost-effective manner across clusters of different hardware. And it is estimated that more than half of the global data will be on top of Hadoop in the near future.

Big data solution by Microsoft
Previously, it was a tedious process for organizations to extract information from unstructured data. Microsoft is planning to provide business insights to all users from any data, including unstructured data. The new Hadoop based distribution from Microsoft enables customers to derive business insights on structured and unstructured data of any size and activate new types of data. Rich insights from Hadoop can be combined seamlessly with the Microsoft Business Intelligence Platform. It also offer interoperability with other Hadoop distributions.


The key benefits are being summarized here:

Broad Accessibility of Hadoop
Microsoft is also working upon broadening the accessibility of Hadoop to even developers and to the technical community. The new Hadoop distribution for windows azure by Microsoft offers ease of use by simplifying the acquisition, installation and configuration experience. The Hadoop package and its tool set comes in a cool manner which users find very easy to install and deploy .For the advantage of developers, Microsoft is investing to make JavaScript a first class language within Big Data to write high performance programs by using JavaScript.

Enterprise ready hadoop
Microsoft is taking big steps to make hadoop to be readily accepted as an enterprise solution. There will be added flexibility for hadoop for deployment along with with Windows Azure. The Azure deployment of Hadoop can be used to extend the on-premise solution in periods of high demand.

Other relevant insights
The Big Data solution by Microsoft with Windows Azure offers breakthrough insights by enabling customers to combine the richness of relational data from databases with unstructured data from Hadoop like reduced time to integrate to other software and analyze the data with popular tools such as Excel, Power view etc.

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