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Electricity generated from water: BlackLight Power announces validation of its scientific breakthrough in energy production

Leading academic and industry experts have validated BlackLight’s new process that directly produces electric energy from the conversion of water vapor to a new, more stable form of Hydrogen.

Experts agree that BlackLight’s "Hydrino theory" represents a fundamental breakthrough in clean energy technology.

CRANBURY, N.J. May 22, 2012 $5 million

Massachusetts Institute of Technology California Institute of Technology

Randell Mills

$75 M

Quotes from Academic and Industry Experts

  • Rowan University
  • W. Henry Weinberg California Institute of Technology University of California, Santa Barbara .
  • Terry Copeland $100
  • James Pugh
  • Recently, the prestigious European Physical Journal D selected as a highlighted article, the Company’s results of the predicted characteristic high-energy light emission from hydrogen forming Hydrinos using a high-voltage pinched pulsed plasma source that further reported the replication of this signature by CfA spectroscopists at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA) under a study contracted by GEN3 Partners.  The Physical Journal D article and other supporting articles also are available on BlackLight’s website.

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