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Electronic Trading Cards (ETC) – ICAP Ocean Tomo Announces Collectible Software With Unique Potential in Gaming and Social Media Markets

CHICAGO Feb. 21, 2011 Tyler Peppel ICAP Ocean Tomo ICAP Ocean Tomo’s Spring 2011 Live IP Auction March 31, 2011 New York City

This patent discloses a system for the application of a trading card metaphor to a computer program and the unique design of several hardware and software systems which support and enhance collecting, trading, and game playing. The invention takes the traditional trading card metaphor and uniquely updates and enhances it for application in consumer digital media.

Key Characteristics

The patent discloses the following:

  • Multiple system components – Several components function as a system to support the creation, trading, and collection of electronic trading cards (ETCs) as well as associated game play – an important part of the appeal.
  • The system facilitates game and card creation – An end-user or player can use the system to create the ETCs uniquely in a pre-defined format and then store them in a user-defined electronic catalogue. It further enables a user to transact or exchange ETCs with other users over a computer network (e.g., intranet or Internet).
  • The system is internet compatible with low-cost delivery – The software enabling the disclosed system can be distributed over a network and need not be stored or distributed via DVDs/CDs or other storage devices.
  • The system facilitates electronic commerce – It provides an efficient model for playing and organizing trading card games and reduces logistics and operational efforts required for sales and distribution. Furthermore, it facilitates authorization of various activities, such as the creation and trading of ETCs over the network itself.
  • The system facilitates social networking – ETCs can be used to play online games and reduces the overall cost of organizing trading card games.
  • The patent in this lot has already been cited – Citations include several large industry players, including Disney, Nintendo, Sony, Electronic Arts, Creative Kingdoms, Nokia, Microsoft, Sega, Konami, and Silverbrook Research.

Market Potential

The disclosed technology offers the following opportunities:

  • $2.1 billion $20 billion $66 billion
  • $2 billion $10 billion
  • This lot should be of interest to entities involved in manufacturing consumer digital entertainment, including packaged software games, mobile games, online social games, as well as the manufacturers of gaming consoles and devices.

To learn more about the assets available for sale in this portfolio:

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