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Embedded Solutions for Hardware & Software Needs

There are embedded technology providers who are able to provide all this by adopting a systematic approach that transforms the client's ideas and specifications into quality products. Some of the key features in their service offerings include:

1. They also help to assure clients minimal schedule slippage, low product BOM, and engineering costs.

2. They follow a well-defined methodology in silicon engineering for both analog and digital semiconductor products that covers everything from specification to GDS-II. This means clients need not worry much about design productivity.

3. They offer complete VLSI and System Engineering Solutions in several domains such as Multimedia, Wireless PAN, Consumer Electronics, Automotive and Industrial automation.

4. They work with mature software processes that conform to ISO standards.

5. They work with excellent product engineering technology that guarantees improved R & D outcomes and faster time to market.

6. They cater to embedded software development activities such as software research and development, frameworks, components and tools and, packaged software.

7. They cater to embedded hardware design activities like board and system design, analog mixed signal / RF design, FPGA design and ASIC/System on chip services etc.

Overall, working with embedded technology providers helps companies to meet business objectives. They perform rigorous planning, analysis, and modeling systems, such as SWOT analysis, business paradigm modeling, and market impact assessments which help companies to meet competitive demands of the market. By providing quality insights and analysis they help clients to meet or exceed their strategic objectives as well.

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