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Doing IT management can be tricky enough, but how do you measure whether you’re doing it well or not? Empact Solutions offers an auditing method that’s so smart they called it EyeQ.

Doing IT management can be tricky enough, but how do you measure whether you’re doing it well or not? New York-based Empact Solutions offers an auditing method that’s so smart they called it EyeQ. Communications manager Suse Sternkopf talks about intelligence, IT strategy, and tackling tedious number crunching.

How did the company get started?

Empact Solutions was founded in 1999 by IT outsourcing and management professionals, data mining pioneers, and experts in the fields of systems and application management technologies. We combined these talents with the goal of helping our customers improve business management through smart, efficient and effective IT management.

What does Empact do?

In March 2002, we launched EyeQ, to provide independent audit and analysis of service quality across IT utilities like networks, servers, and infrastructures, as well as applications and business processes. We have enhanced this offering with best practices in structuring and measuring service level agreements (SLAs), with the goal of providing our customers with Service Quality Intelligence.

What does that provide for your clients?

Service Quality Intelligence is the information you need to optimize customer relationship management, business process management, sourcing and service provider management, and IT performance management. The primary objective is to drive each outsourcing contract from a business-needs analysis. At the heart of this process is the identification of key business goals to be met within the IT strategy. Once these goals are identified, you can determine which segments of that IT strategy are best addressed through outsourcing.

Why is this important?

In an environment where ROI and value-justification is critical, senior executives must be able to track and document service quality realized from every IT investment. Critical to IT management, Service Quality Intelligence is the SQI is the knowledge you need to optimize sourcing and service provider management, IT performance management, business process management, and customer relationship management.

SQI includes reports on things like vendor compliance against contracted service level agreements, and IT compliance against customer service level objectives. It also provides reports on end-to-end business process performance metrics, and relevant benchmarks that are required to evaluate and optimize IT service delivery against business priorities. The way we see it, if you want to manage IT, then you have to measure IT.

Why would companies need this kind of measurement?

Companies need an efficient, effective way to oversee multiple IT vendor contracts and sourcing relationships, monitor internal service level objectives, and track delivery against service level commitments to customers.

The information that most companies need for adroit management of IT service quality is dispersed across myriad enterprise management solutions and monitoring software, buried in SLA contracts and formal service level objective statements, untracked as part of critical business processes, and unreachable in vendor or partner operational metrics. As a result, organizations are forced to rely on manual data gathering, tedious number crunching, rough estimates, and vendor “self-policing” in order to manage service quality.

EyeQ replaces this effort with an automated, end-to-end, single source for gathering and reporting the critical information necessary to manage a smart IT services organization. Service Quality Intelligence, supported by a well-defined service level management process and performance management tools, is the recipe for excellence in all aspects of IT governance.

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