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ENC releases the World’s First Portable, Encrypted Private Web Browser

The Encrypt Stick 5.0 Private Browser is now the safest way to browse the Internet. It beats all other browsers in its ability to conceal your online
experience and combines it with the world’s strongest encryption.

Encrypt Stick 5.0 was released to the market today. It includes a number of significant enhancements that expand the suite of capabilities that protect
a computer user’s information and identity. The Encrypt Stick Private Browser runs from your flash drive and provides unparalleled web surfing privacy as it leaves behind no trace whatsoever on the host computer. It outperforms most other web browsers in terms or rendering speed and compliance to web standards, scoring 99/100 on the rigorous Acid3 compliance test.

Recently publicized issues uncovered in many of the most popular web browsers has brought to light the fact that in “Private Mode” these browsers
suffer from flaws that cause a trail of your web browsing history to be left behind on your computer. The Encrypt Stick Private Browser ensures that even if someone gains access to your computer, they will never know where you have been on the Internet. The Browser leaves behind no cookies. It maintains private bookmarks and a cache to improve performance in an encrypted vault on your flash drive. This allows you to take your bookmarks
with you. You can then plug the flash drive into virtually any computer in the world knowing that you and your browsing history are protected.

Encrypt Stick 5.0 includes an integrated Password Manager. The tight integration of the Password Manager with the Private Browser allows you to
maintain an unlimited list of login information for all online accounts that you access including your corporate portal, online banking, shopping,travel, and even your social media accounts. Sophisticated technology works behind the scenes to ensure that keyloggers and other malware is not able to access your login information ensuring that your identity is always protected, no matter what online accounts you access.

The Encrypt Stick Private Browser is now available as part of the Encrypt Stick flash drive encryption software. Users can download the Free version of Encrypt Stick and experience the Encrypt Stick Browser free for 30 days. After 30 days they can continue to use Encrypt Stick and its Password
Manager without the web browser or buy a license to the full version of Encrypt Stick, which will allow them full ongoing access to the browser.

Private Browser overview:
Download from the company website:
Complimentary license keys are available to the press upon request:[email protected]

About Encrypt Stick
The Encrypt Stick software platform has been in continuous development since 2005 by some of the most brilliant and visionary programmers available in the encryption world.

With the advent of Smart Flash Drives (serial numbered microprocessors) now commercially available to the computer user, ENChas leveraged use of this same encryption technology knowledge in developing intuitive, secure and faster software than currently available.

About Polymorphic Encryption
ENC’s polymorphic encryption method creates unique encryption algorithms based on the hardware ID of eachUSBflash drive. Encrypt Stick’s Polymorphic encryption engine operates at an encryption speed of 500Mbit/s, which is approximately 10 times the speed of 256AES!

AboutENCSecurity Systems Inc.
ENCis redefining data security for individuals and organizations. Through its suite of encryption software products designed to protect computer data,
internet transmissions, radio frequency identification (RFID) Cyber Space,SCADAand wireless signalsENCwill provide simple to use, effective solutions for consumers, businesses, and institutions.

Terry Johnston
[email protected]

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