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ENSELE Expands Forecasts To Further Provide Insights To Individuals Success

Science reveals that all matter in the universe constructs itself according to the laws of specific mathematical equations. Matter under a microscope, can be seen as atoms, which is energy.

Each of the nine numerals carries a specific vibration and influence that effect matter in a specific way. All nine numbers together compose one complete cycle from start to completion. The number 1, the first number in the progression to number 9, carries active start up energy. It supports new beginnings and fresh starts. Each number is an individual cycle in a complete cycle of nine, one for each number. The final number 9 represents completion and a contribution of something beneficial into the world. Each number supports a specific stage of development from start to finish in that 9 cycle process.

One illustration of this is the natural growth of a seed into a plant that flowers, sets fruit and yields a harvest. The golden triangle, a geometric equation, is seen in the patterns of seashells, flowers, crystals and more. There are clear patterns of brain wave activity, hormone production, cell regeneration and other biological activities linked to a daily cycle.

This analogy used often in the Ensele Forecasts to illustrate the number influences that guide each year, month, and day.

The Ensele Forecasts calculate each user’s cycle by birth date. This reveals the cycle the user was born into and what cycle they are in at the present time. The user uses the forecast daily to determines if the time is right for starting something new or if it is a time to work on developing and building something in progress, or a time to really push to bring something to completion. By understanding the influence of each cycle it becomes easy to pursue the appropriate activity for the year, month, week or day. It is possible to plan activities in accordance with the most potent and influential energies of the moment. It gives the user an advantage for success; there’s an opportunity to sail with the wind rather than against it. Especially in times of uncertainty, the knowledge provided by the Ensele Forecasts offers the user a chance to go with the flow and use each cycle appropriate to it’s number influence to optimise success. By understanding the influence of the cycle the user can take appropriate action and save time and energy in the process.

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