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EVTN to be Guest Speaker at Chevron / OSPR Sponsored Oil Spill Conference

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. Feb. 14, 2011 San Ramon, CA February 15-17

At the Conference EVTN will both present and demonstrate a Voraxial® Separator simulating an oil spill recovery.  The Submersible Voraxial® 4000 Separator is capable of treating over 700,000 gallons of oily water per day.  EVTN’s larger Voraxial® 8000 can treat 7 million gallons of oily water per day.  The Submersible Voraxial Separator, deployed in the ocean, represents a dramatic shift in the way spills are treated.  By conducting the separation in the ocean, the vessels can skim the spilled oil for 10 times longer since the amount of collected clean water in the holding tanks is reduced by 90%.  The collected oil is discharged into a holding tank while the clean water remains in the ocean.  This differs substantially from the current methods of collecting large volumes of oil/water mixture in a tank and then conducting the separation. Implementing this new method enables any fleet of vessels to process significantly more volume of skimmed oil/water mixture, collect more oil, capture a higher concentration of oil, remain in operation longer and skim at faster forward speeds.  The Voraxial can also be secured onboard the vessel to achieve the same flow rate efficiency.

Similar to other auxiliary equipment on vessels such as firefighting hoses, the Voraxial’s small footprint allows it to be secured on any size vessel, such as Supply Vessels or Tug Boats, without interfering with the main function of the vessel.  Since the Voraxial 8000 is not much wider than an 8inch pipe, multiple Voraxial 8000 models, each capable of processing 7,000,000 gallons of oily water per day, can be easily retrofitted on an average size Supply Vessel or Tug boat.  By installing these high volume, compact units on Supply Vessels or Tug Boats, an average size vessel can quickly convert to a high volume oil spill recovery vessel.  The captured oil is diverted into a container either onboard or attached to the vessel.  The water is released back to the ocean.  Only 30 such Supply Boats equipped with 2 units each of the Voraxial 8000 Separators would be able to process over 9.5 million barrels per day (400,000,000 gallons per day). The low capital cost to acquire and install the Voraxial Separators would enable the entire Gulf to be equipped to handle multiple catastrophic oil spills at the same time with existing vessels retrofitted with Voraxial 8000 units.  Smaller, shallow draft vessels can also be equipped with a high volume Voraxial Separator for close to shore oil spills and to provide high maneuverability in harbors and congested locations.

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