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Expand Your Mail Server to Suit Your Needs.

The messaging solution can be expanded to provide external applications with the information required to perform advanced tasks in a very productive and cost effective way. Learn more about such expansion methods (such as filter integration, using provisioning interfaces, WebMail integration and expansion) by reading this informative article.

Lately, more and more companies that rely on IT services have begun to understand the true benefits of network subsystem interaction. Some of the well established examples are already accepted as being the de facto way of doing things. To a lot of people, the Apache integration with MySQL or PHP is no longer considered to be a bunch of independent software packages that cooperate. This cooperation is so productive that everything got merged into a single concept: the AMP (i.e. LAMP, WAMP etc.).

Along the same lines, the electronic messaging system can be expanded to provide external applications with the information required to perform advanced tasks in a very productive and cost effective way. You should bear in mind that some of the expansion methods described in this article are generic and can be applied to various situations while others are very specific.

Filter Integration

This is one of the most sought expansion methods when it comes to email services. Filters include the regular spam and virus checks but are not limited to it. Just to help you picture the possibilities offered by a well designed filtering system, encryption, archiving, billing and notifications tasks can all be performed based on the information available during message delivery.

The AXIGEN messaging solution features a highly advanced filtering engine that allows anyone to interact with it through an adapter file (called a connector) that is used to translate plain text protocol communications between the server and any third party application. Based on the communication process result, a series of actions can be taken regarding message delivery. In addition, the message can be altered during the filtering process, thus allowing endless usage scenarios to be generated. Because the connector is used to interpret plain text communication, network sockets can be used to allow the two applications to communicate over TCP/IP, even in different parts of the world, if required.

Provisioning Interfaces
Automatic and bulk operation execution is a mandatory requirement to any company that provides any type of internet-related service to a large customer base. Subscription policies management, server configuration provisioning and account settings provisioning tasks can all be performed through AXIGEN’s command line interface (CLI). The CLI is a plain text protocol based service similar to a regular telnet service that allows administrative accounts to manage server settings.

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