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Exploria SPS and introduce first Closed Loop Managed Markets Solution for Pharma/Life Sciences

Exploria SPS and Doctor Evidence, announce introduction of a fully integrated, closed loop managed markets application that allows payors, providers, and pharmaceutical manufacturers to search, share, present, track, and report comparative effectiveness data on therapies in real time. HARTFORD, CT, August 05, 2009 /24-7PressRelease/ — Exploria SPS and Doctor Evidence, announce introduction of a fully integrated, closed loop managed markets application that allows payors, providers, and pharmaceutical manufacturers to search, share, present, track, and report comparative effectiveness data on therapies in real time.

The timing of this solution to market coincides with the recent federally mandated American Recovery and Reinvestment Act allocating $1.1 billion to comparative effectiveness research (CER) to accelerate the development and dissemination of data on effective health care treatments. The joint Exploria/Doctor Evidence offering is designed to expedite access and dissemination of clinical and economic data to support cost-effective health recommendations.

"The purpose of CER is to get data into the hands of doctors that reflect which treatment, device, or drug is best suited to the patient. This is information they now lack," stated Mark Fendrick, MD, professor of internal medicine, University of Michigan Medical School.

 "Imagine a resource where all clinical data on any therapeutic area can be accessed, searched, compiled, and reported in seconds, with full academic-class analytics and transparency into the supporting clinical data. With this enterprise approach to the management of published clinical data, medical directors will have immediate access to clinically compliant data for presentations to managed care pharmacy and therapeutics committees; a pharma brand team can organize key messages targeted to segmented prescribers and provide controlled access for front line teams’ use of evidence in market adoption; managed markets account managers preparing for contractual talks with payors and needing on-the-fly clinical and pharmacoeconomic data will have evidence matching MCO member profiles to support tier positioning," explains Robert Battista, CEO, Doctor Evidence.

 Closed Loop Managed Markets
 "The offering is designed to support the growing collaboration among payors and providers in the mutual pursuit of appropriate care for patients. True healthcare reform will come from this collaboration of industry and providers in identifying the best, patient specific care, in the earliest instance of care."

From the perspective of the pharma industry, managed markets divisions have traditionally not integrated strategies with brand marketing and they vary in their accountability to brand teams on ROI reporting. For many organizations, especially those that have invested in closed loop marketing systems for their promotional field forces, managed markets operates without the same integration or support as their promotional peers. One of the key challenges confronting the pharmaceutical industry right now is how to gain a competitive edge in contracting.

"In this new health and cost conscience environment, it is critical for pharma account managers to have tools to increase their presence with customers’ medical directors, network managers and case managers. With comparative effectiveness on the horizon, promotional and contracting discussions with customers in the entire managed markets network must be driven in real-time and dynamically with compelling evidence that position brand effectiveness across pertinent member populations and against economic realities," states Richie Bavasso, president of Exploria. "This changing reality calls for a radical re-imagining of how managed markets relate internally and to pharma sales and brand teams. What has emerged is the need for a new interactive system that enables companies to meet the needs of their customers and thrive in the evolving healthcare environment, in effect, a Closed Loop Managed Markets System."

The Exploria/Doctor Evidence offering establishes a common platform across all activities, a coming together of all the actions, information, planning, and communication related to managed care. Integration requires the upgrading of skills and competencies to take advantage of new capabilities. It has far-reaching structural consequences, from teamwork to training, technology and compensation.

A key goal in integration is the realization that managed markets is the larger field on which the business of healthcare is now being played. Sales reps need to work with managed markets as a primary business driver, versus secondary or tertiary. It has to be a partnership from the beginning where relationships are built, real knowledge shared, and joint actions taken.

Closed Loop Managed Markets
"This is where closed loop marketing systems can play an important role. One of the virtues of an interactive system such as Exploria is the union of information and planning to form a promotional strategy that "learns" and adjusts accordingly," says Bavasso. "One way to homogenize promotional and management markets activity is to use a CLM platform as a common base for customer data, education materials, and targeted messaging. A fully integrated system that provides robust value for all constituencies and addresses their individual needs is essential as pharmaceutical operations leaders "re-imagine" their environment. These integrated data link the past to the present and provide much needed insights to the future, essentially "Closing the Loop" in the Managed Markets environment."

About Exploria Sales Performance Solutions, LLC
Exploria SPS offers multichannel marketing, sales performance solutions to the pharmaceutical and medical device industries using mobile and web-based technologies. It created its second generation tablet PC detailing and remote eDetailing applications for use in a Continuous Loop Marketing environment in direct response to customer dissatisfaction with the first generation offering. Focused on The Science of Detailing , the Exploria SPS solution enables interactive detailing using native media and algorithmic logic to determine presentation of appropriate content in multiple venues based upon physician response. Exploria SPS now offers a portfolio of sales and marketing channels to accommodate pharma’s need for an optimal channel mix.

Exploria SPS is headquartered in Hartford, CT. For more information, visit

About Doctor Evidence
The Doctor Evidence mission is to improve clinical outcomes by finding and delivering medical evidence to healthcare professionals, medical associations, payors, policy makers and manufacturers through revolutionary solutions that enable informed decisions using medical data that is more accessible, relevant and readable using state-of-the-art tools and technologies that find, categorize, store and convert complex medical information from clinical studies into distributive databases to be delivered in a user-friendly format.

Doctor Evidence is devoted to delivering revolutionary solutions to address the current deficiency in the evidence-based clinical market. Unlike most "evidence-based" companies that summarize and reference evidence found in clinical studies, Doctor Evidence delivers answers derived directly from the clinical data. It is this Data-Driven approach that makes Doctor Evidence a unique company, offering the highest level of transparency in the market today to deliver a true comparative effectiveness solution.

Doctor Evidence is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. For more information and online product demonstration, contact [email protected]

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