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Exterior painting, How to tell if you need a paint job?

If there is a loss of ideal colour of the paint, the reason is that the paint is being affected by the sun. This is a sure shot sign that your house needs a paint job.

Loss of structural integrity for the wood in terms of cracking or drying. The primary cause for this is that the wood is not protected by the mil thickness of the paint. It is even likely that the siding will need to be replaced if the damage is excessive.

Once cracking happens, the next ominous sign is cupping. The wood, if not protected appropriately with paint for too long a time, will begin to dry out, which will result in cupping. If this happens, then there is no other choice than replacing the siding.

Cupping, rotting, drying, flaking, and peeling are some of the more face signals that your house can give with respect to its need for a paint job.

Technically speaking, exterior paint breaks down in the following steps. The paint comprises varied chemicals and ingredients. The spine of the paint is called the vehicle that can either be water or a certain variety of oil. Once the vehicle has disappeared from the paint, dried off the paint, worn off the paint, or evaporated, the surface is left with solids. These components are the ones that are supposed to protect the wood from all types of harm. Resultantly, quality paints boast more solids.

This means that the more coating your house gets, the more protected it will be from harm, as there will be more solids on the surface. Therefore, coupling quality paint with more numbers of layers will drastically improve the durability of the paint job. This, in turn, will result in you saving loads of money in the long run. We, at Progressive Painting Services, understand what is required with respect to this technology and dedicate our knowledge and experience in this field to all our exterior paint customers in our bid to provide your cherished home with the needed tools to battle and conquer the New England weather.

The next obvious question is: How long a professional exterior paint job will last? Taking into account the New England weather, a homeowner can expect his house to be protected for a minimum of five years, that is, if the paint job was done professionally. The effectiveness of a paint job depends on a lot of things. The two main variables that affect the quality of a paint job includes the way the mixture was prepared and quality of the paint used.

In terms of painting the exterior of a New England home, Progressive Painting Services has formulated the ideal system. We take pride in helping you protect your home through a detailed evaluation of the surfaces in question, the identification of potential areas of concern, and a strategy that will result in the maximum performance from the paint job. We can not only make your house look good from distance, but also make it attractive with our experience, skill, attention to detail, and hard work.

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