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Extract Outlook Attachments And Compact PST File To Avoid Over Sizing

In order to avoid the size of PST file from being over sized Outlook provide the option of “Compact Now” that helps in over writing the white space of PST file which is created due to permanently deleting any items of PST file. But in some scenarios this Compact Now option works as weak solution to reduce the size of PST file because in some cases it hardly saves the PST file size. The main cause of increasing the size of PST file is Outlook attachments. Yes!! Can anyone has considered this fact that only email attachments is the main cause of increasing the size of PST file i.e. an email is only of 10 MB and when it is attached with an email attachments it almost grows 50% of its regular size depending upon the size of attachments.

Email Attachments And Related Consequences
Therefore, to reduce the size of PST file, the important task is to extract Outlook attachments and make those emails free from attachments so that Outlook space consumed in saving the email attachments will be reduced. Due to increasing number of email attachments there are lots of consequences that are faced while working on Outlook and PST file.

PST files stops responding to send and receive function due to which user face problem in communicating to other user.
Due to over sizing of ANSI PST file the fear of corruption also surrounds the Outlook application due to which the original content of PST file can lose all data.

Unlike above mentioned reasons there can be many more consequences that can be drawn out of large sized PST file. So, left option is to hire a professional help to reduce the size of PST file by extracting the email attachments of PST file.

Compress PST Software To Extract Outlook Attachments
Here, is commercial tool named as Compress PST Software which is rendered to compress the size of PST file by extracting the Outlook attachments out of PST files. The tool will help in compressing batch Outlook both ANSI and Unicode PST files by extracting the Outlook attachments with multiple options.

Remove Outlook Attachments: Users by choosing this option can take the benefits of compressing PST files by removing all Outlook attachments. This option will totally eliminate the email attachments out of PST file and make the size of PST file manageable for users.

Extract And Save Attachments: Under this option of tool to extract Outlook attachments users can remove and save all email attachments into location of their choice. With the help of this option users can grasp the facility to save vital attachments for future reference.

Extract, Save And Compress Attachments: This option is meant for users those have needs of saving all email attachments in compressed form. Using this option users can extract, save and compress batch email attachments to the anywhere in their system.

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