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FabulaTech Announces Port Splitter 4.0.3

New version includes BREAK signal transmission from real device and SDK: NET-control installation fix. London, UK – FabulaTech today announced the immediate availability of Port Splitter update which includes fix of small issues such as BREAK signal transmission from real device and SDK: NET-control installation. Port Splitter 4.0.3 includes the possibility to split/join other FabulaTech virtual ports.


 “We’re excited about releasing this update as we have been working really hard on it”, said Alan Rourke, FabulaTech’s CEO. “Port Splitter’s features combined with its hot virtual COM port creation and advanced software architecture provide the best user experience and the most advanced port splitter solution”.

 Port Splitter provides a rich set of features and tools to share serial ports among several applications. Starting today, anyone can download the new release for free, the program runs as system service.

 With Port Splitter everyone can get access to a device connected to a COM port from several applications simultaneously. The program creates virtual COM ports that are the exact copies of the specified physical COM port. Now, any program can work with its own virtual COM port not hindering other programs. Data written to physical COM port get to all the virtual COM ports. And vice versa, the data written to virtual COM ports gets to the physical one.

 The software provides three main utilities: splitting, sharing, joining. The splitting feature allows to create virtual COM ports that are the exact copies of specified physical COM ports. All the data written to physical COM port get to all virtual COM ports. Data written to a virtual COM port get to physical COM port. Thus several applications can exchange data simultaneously with the same device connected to a physical COM port. At the same time, there is a possibility to configure ports access permissions, COM ports settings and so on. The sharing feature enables work with the same COM port without splitting it to several different virtual COM ports. And the joining feature writes the same data to several physical COM port from one application by creating virtual COM port and forwards serial data from it to several physical COM ports. Port Splitter 4.0.3 provides a reliable, fast and secure way to share serial ports between several applications. In addition to everything mentioned above, Port Splitter is a true virtual serial port driver: virtual serial ports look and work exactly as real hardware serial ports.

 The program’s single license costs $129 (US) and gives users Port Splitter SDK and development tools; technical support, and distribution of software as an integral part of your software without having individual license keys.

 Main program features:

Allows to split physical COM port to several virtual COM ports

Allows to share physical COM port among several applications

Allows to join several physical COM ports to one virtual COM port

Read/write permissions for COM ports

Signal control COM port for serial signals handling

Fixed serial settings for COM ports

Full hardware serial ports emulation

Virtual serial ports look and work like real hardware ports

Unlimited number of virtual COM ports can be created

Once created virtual ports are operable at each system startup (prior to user login)

Overlapped virtual COM ports support (virtual serial ports can have the same names as existing physical COM ports)

 Full Microsoft serial.sys, PnP and WMI technologies, Hyper-Threading Technology, 64bit and 32bit, VMware compatible.

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