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Failure Won’t Ever Totally Disappear From Google

George W. Bush noted as miserable failure:For the last two years, had any Google user typed in “miserable failure” for their search term, George W. Bush was an instant cash on the very top of the list, first for his biography and second for images. Pranksters built the miserable failure scheme, known as a Google bomb, after former Democratic Missouri congressman Dick Gephardt applied the term to the Bush administration. Bush supporters retaliated by Google-bombing Hilary Clinton, Michael Moore, and Jimmy Carter as miserable failures.

Results for miserable failure today:If you were to search failure today, you would get results such as a magazine called or a Wikipedia entry about a defunct rock band named Failure. In a Google image search for miserable failure, George W. Bush is still going to show up, but Google has taken preventative measures to prevent Google bombs from exploding online. Those who have miserable failures with their credit cards will still need debt consolidation.

Miserable failure no more:the miserable failure Google bomb was possible because before 2007, Google’s search rank algorithm ranked pages higher depending on the sites linked to that page using comparable anchor text. After Google diffused the miserable failure Google bomb in 2007, asked Matt Cutts how he did it. He explained it is automatic with no human intervention. “It’s entirely algorithmic,” he said, “We’re not going to claim it’s 100 percent perfect.”

Still applied is miserable failure:The term "miserable failure" appears to be timeless. When miserable failure seems in Google searches now, it turns up debt management, public programs, politicians (both foreign and domestic), and athletes. Google managed to figure out how to stop the pranks when diffusing the George W. Bush miserable failure bomb. Almost always there is room for commentary on legitimate miserable failures.

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