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Family Game Night Blog Announces Top 10 International Christmas Traditions

Savannnah, Georgia (PRWEB) December 13, 2011

The producers of the popular family game night party game, Whirled Peas Game, have compiled a list of the top 10 International Christmas Traditions to highlight “World Peace” and the spirit of the international holiday season.

# 10 Greenland

“What would you like for Christmas Peter?” Hometown hero Santa Claus asks. “A Walrus Tusk Sledge model and sealskin mitts please” answers Peter. Brightly lit decorative Stars light the night AND day in this dark country. Christmas Eve is ladies night out – or rather off – because the men-folk take care of their honeys and fun family games are played after the Christmas dinner. Unfortunately, barbequed caribou is served – poor Rudolf!

# 9 India

While we often complain about how commercial Christmas has become, India is a great example where multiple religions come together in celebrations WITH their Christian neighbors – a true world peace on earth experience! Christmas Day is called ‘Bada Din’ (Big Day) in Hindi. It is a national holiday in India and people from all religions join their Christian friends to make the most of the joyous celebrations. We think they should say: “Bada Boom – Bada Din” instead of Merry Christmas!

#8 China

“Christmas Old Man” (as the translation goes) is greeted by muslin stockings for the Christian children. The season ushers in the Chinese New Year and is a great time of celebration, vacation and honor of ancestors. Having worked with the Chinese, we think they are on to something because they truly “Take the rest of the year off” ….and most of January too!

#7 Madagascar

“Arahaba tratry ny Noely.” Might be a good clue for a guessing game?? Merry Christmas is the answer! In this hot climate, the people still find ways of decorating for Christmas including holly and snow. The best however, are the giant Poinsettias which flower at Christmas and are also the national emblem of Madagascar.

#6 Russia

“Ded Moroz and Snegurochka and the golden troika.” Sounds like a great title huh? We think so and it depicts the delightful tale of Father Frost and his granddaughter helper as they travel to deliver gifts to Russian children. Beware parents, if your children hear that some Russians celebrate 2 Christmas’ we may never hear the end of “HOW MUCH LONGER???”

#5 South Africa

Carols by candlelight and campfires! Christmas falls during high summer and while North Americans are gathering firewood to keep warm inside, the South Africans are heading out to take in the stars and go camping. Perhaps they can get some reindeer from Greenland for the “Braai’s” or summer barbeques!

#4 England

ALERT American Kids!! You think you have it bad, British kids have to wait until the afternoon following Christmas Eve to open their gifts from “Father Christmas.” Not to worry, however, because with actors called “Mummers” and celebrations everywhere, there is plenty to do during this magical time and of course you can get the traditional plum pudding from the actual place it was invented.

#3 The Netherlands

The merry old soul many know as “Santa Claus” evolved from the Dutch figure of “Sinterklaas.” The Dutch celebrate Sinterklaas on December 5th with small gifts and a personal note or rhyme. SinterKlaas has a helper and a white horse and the best part is if you are naughty, you get put in Sinterklaas’ sack and sent to Spain. We think we might be naughty and get a trip perhaps to Costa Del Sol….

#2 Brazil

“Prespio,” The Nativity Scene and “Papa Noel” rule in Brazil and the celebration of Christmas reflects the diverse population throughout Brazil. Traditions from European roots exist and the best part of the Brazilian Christmas is plenty of wonderful Brazilian food and the warmth because it is summertime! Feliz Natal!

# 1 France

Logs, luck and the reason for the season! Like the Dutch, the children are taken care of early in December and the celebration of Christmas is a true celebration of Christ’s birth. Many traditions are involved and many offer reverence of the birth of Christ. Our favorite is that even though the children get gifts in early December, they leave treats out on Christmas Eve – not for “Pere Noel”, but for the Blessed Virgin Mary!

Merry Christmas and to ALL and “Whirled Peas” on Earth

About Whirled Peas Game:

Manufacturer’s Description

Whirled Peas(R) is an infectious, laugh-out-loud-funny and fast-paced party game featuring five unique, creative and often raucous ways of communicating. Average play-time is between 20-30 minutes and is designed for at least 6 players. Whirled Peas is perfect for teens, family game nights, and adult gatherings. Everyone plays every turn, and no one stays sitting down for long. “Welcome to the Party!”

Product Description

In this original party game, 2 teams alternate turns, spinning the Pea-King spinner, determining which of 5 the categories they’ll attempt: “Zip Your Lips,” “Putty Pal,” “Back Tracks,” “Clap Trap,” or “Sketch Coach.” Players are chosen to work together to “communicate” the answer. Teams then furiously race simultaneously to shout the correct answer. Winning Teams receive peas for their team’s peapod. The first team to fill their peapod wins! More Info:

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