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BOULDER, CO, November 26, 2009 /24-7PressRelease/ — RipOff Report is a very, very difficult website and company to deal with. We are not going to go into their background here on our website but it is very easy to find a wealth of information if you complete just a few minutes of research. We will cover the basics of our services and offer tips on how to deal with Ripoff Report. Each Rip Off Report is different so we urge you to call us at 888-352-8882 to discuss your situation with oneā€¦ of our RipOff Report experts. The most important fact to understand about RipOff Report is there is no way they are going to delete the report. They will not even delete content upon the request of the original submitter. They will not, under any circumstances delete a post. The other important fact about RipOff Report is that they are protected by a very far-reaching law passed in 1996 called The Communications Decency Act. This law treats website owners as an independent third party who are not help responsible for their content. Until the laws change and catch up with technology RipOff Report can not be sued for a post on their website. We know, this is completely unfair. What offers is the only current solution for fighting RipOff Report. We will push this negative and damaging website back to the deeper pages of the search engines where it will be much more difficult to find. What we are taking advantage of is the fact that most people do not go past the first few pages when they conduct a search for your name. We will remove RipOff Report from these very valuable first pages of Google, Yahoo, Bing and AOL. We have helped over 200 clients with this website alone. What we leave in place of RipOff Report is professionally developed, positive content that will build your reputation. Unlike an advertisement that has a limited value cycle due to the limited time it runs our content will last in the search engines for a very, very long. Our content will also help defend against future Rip Off Reports and other negative information. Once we help you own the first pages of the search engines it will be difficult for old and new negative information to break through our work. Each RipOff Report case is different. We can push some reports back in a matter of days while very difficult cases require weeks. We can give you a more accurate time frame once we analyze your situation. Please call us at 888-382-8882 for a consultation. We stand by our work with a 100% money-back guarantee. That is how confident we are in our process and ability to address your RipOff Report. We will work as fast as possible to limit and control the damage of this negative website. Do Not File a Rebuttal to a RipOff Report The most important tip for effectively dealing with a Rip Off Report is do not post a rebuttal or any other update. We know this is very difficult to refrain from doing due to the personal nature of most Rip Off Reports. The issue is once these Rip Off Reports are updated they become more difficult to push away. In the search engines eyes they see these Rip Off Reports as user generated content that is now being updated. This makes the content very strong in their eyes and adds to the amount of time it requires to push away this negative information. If you have filed a rebuttal or other update it is not the end of the world. We will still be able complete our service but this may add the amount of time required to hit our goals. The other issue with filing a rebuttal or other updates is that the person who filed the original Rip Off Report will receive an email notifying them of your update. Most of the time this will cause them to log back on to and file a rebuttal to your rebuttal. These updates cause the search engines to feel this content is now even more important. This will add to how much time we will need to remove a Rip Off Report form the first pages of the search engines. As we stated above, it is not the end of the world if you have filed a rebuttal. Call us now and we will answer all of your questions and explain how our process works. Our toll-free number is 888-382-8882. About Reputation Media Reputation Media is a talented group of professionals who have years of experience in a wide variety of areas. We employ experts in media creation such as video and audio content as well as an in house professional writing staff. We know the content we create for you is going to be ranked high in the search engines for a very long time. Our content is a very professional and positive representation of you. Our search engine optimization team has years of experience. They are always up on the latest trends and techniques to guarantee we can deliver the fastest possible results. They are the perfect compliment to our content creation team making sure the content we create for you will rank very high for a long time. Our customer service team is proactive to our clients needs. We know this process is new to most people and we want to make sure you always know how our process works and how we are progressing. We are always available to answer your questions even on nights and weekends. Reputation Media has assembled a real dream team to make sure your invaluable reputation is protected online. We push away any negative information that is affecting your search as well as protect you from possible future attacks on your good name. Reputation Media will help you own your search! Website: YouTube: — Press release service and press release distribution provided by

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