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Finding the Right Server to Serve your Business

Finding the Right Server to Serve your Business
When it comes to finding a web and file hosting solution for any business, becoming educated on server types and their primary functions will promote a better workforce due to the right equipment being implemented to perform the correct tasks. In other words, putting the wrong type of fuel into a car can cause it to perform very poorly, and your server needs, in relations to your business, are no different.

Starting point
There are many types of servers out there, but the most commonly used server types can fit onto a coin: heads you have a VPN server and tails you have the cloud. Both offer advantages and disadvantages, depending on your needs. However, by understanding your requirements and server technology, one of these options will be a clear winner when all is said and done. However, for maximum performance, a dedicated server is almost always chosen as it offers greater performance in safeguarding and improving your online business.

Is your head in the clouds?
To understand a cloud server, you must consider it from all angles: you don’t own any hardware and it only appears to the user like a server, but really it is a compilation of its own being. Cloud servers are easy to scale with little fuss using only software. However, a business that utilizes a cloud server is always reliant on the hypervisor and the platform it runs on. Furthermore, you are sharing the platform with other computers versus riding solo on a dedicated server. Using the cloud is a lot like renting an apartment—you exist in a single dwelling area, within a large complex of others who live within their own space. When one person has a major hiccup, it can affect all others on the single platform.

In an article published by, the author examines the cloud VS a dedicated server in terms of business advantages. The author lists the following problems with the cloud server:
· Your IT is dependant on the Internet
· Mainly Western clients will be attracted
· Dependant on the goodwill of your ISP
· Exposes you to unethical ISP practices
· Makes your data subject to law
· Can expose confidential data
· Bandwidth and space limitations
While examining these concerns, you will want to remember that if your business is especially small, many of these concerns may not be applicable to you and therefore the cloud could be a good option.

Dedicated server
A dedicated server is almost always chosen by growing businesses and it puts you in complete control. This option gives one the space that a shared server cannot. Furthermore, you customize the server to your specific needs and you can install as many applications as you like. You can even select your own security settings and the type of security. Furthermore, you don’t have to deal with bandwidth and space limitations. This is extremely important as it settles on the basic needs of any business: having a website that loads up quickly and that has room to grow. Another thing to consider is that any good host who provides a dedicated server that will continue to update the technology as it becomes available.

Making a choice
If your online needs are basic and you don’t require growing room or advanced security, a cloud may be completely appropriate. However, if you want to insure your growing business doesn’t get too big for its britches while sensitive data is protected with advanced systems in place, the dedicated server is your best bet.


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