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First Robot Tutor for Adaptive Learning by aiLearn

Vienna, Austria, April 18, 2018 –(– Can a robot-tutor replace human teachers? Technological revolution is poised to change our centuries-old notions of teaching and disrupt the whole system of education within the coming years.

aiLearn, an ed-tech startup company set up to leverage Artificial Intelligence power to address the challenges in education, is creating Robot Ani™  – an AI-powered robot-tutor.

Robot Ani acts like “Siri for education,” it is the first robot-tutor designed to simulate one-to-one tutoring and replace human teachers.

The aiLearn team is working on a powerful AI-driven engine to teach many school subjects in natural languages, helping high school students to prepare for exams without human tutors.

Empowered by Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing technologies, Robot Ani will engage students in real-time natural language conversations and deliver personalized tutoring.

As current study and exam preparation strategies are very time-consuming and not always effective, with private tutors being too expensive and not accessible to many learners, Robot Ani can be an affordable and more efficient solution.

Robot Ani’s engine is designed to offer adaptive tutoring customized to learners’ needs, skills and individual pace of learning. It will provide ongoing assessment on the learners’ open answers and give instant feedback, thus supporting Socratic enquiry-based learning.

It also uses rich learning analytics to give insights into students’ conceptual understanding and knowledge gaps, guiding students towards mastery.

“We are excited about our new product. At aiLearn, our mission is to harness the power of Artificial Intelligence and develop innovative products that have a real social impact. We are passionate about improving the quality and affordability of education, making it accessible to all students, anytime and anywhere,” says co-founders of aiLearn, former University professors, educators-turned-entrepreneurs sisters Amy and Karine Brutijan.

“The education industry,” according to co-founders, “is definitely ripe for innovation, and the recent developments in A.I. and machine learning provide the long-awaited solution. A.I. enables to replace multiple-choice testing and measure academic abilities and achievement in a more nuanced way. Natural language, computer vision, and deep learning technologies can be used to replace teachers in answering students’ questions and providing tutorial supervision.”

There is a growing need for methods of delivering quality education to more students, while students demand more engaging and relevant learning experiences tailored to their needs.

“Human beings are complex beyond the reach of even most advanced science, and the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach of most online courses and applications fails to deliver effective learning. It’s time to adopt the student-centered system where student’s personality and individual needs can be adequately addressed,” says Amy Brutijan.

In contrast to all other learning platforms and existing solutions, Robot Ani can give students the level of support they need, ongoing, meaningful feedback on their work.

As technology grows exponentially more powerful, and AI adopts more nuanced forms, it is surely possible to develop very powerful teaching machines with deep cognitive skills.

“We believe that ed-tech has huge potential to effect measurable and positive social change on a wide scale, if it focuses on solving real, concrete educational challenges and creates unique experiences for students that supercharge learning and increase engagement,” says Amy Brutijan.

Robot Ani is aimed at learners across the globe and will be available in several languages including English, German, Spanish, and Chinese.

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