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Forbidden Things in Search Engine Optimization

Some techniques are there, you might call them grey hat techniques or the black hat techniques which are believed to be the forbidden one and is not practiced in general. Practicing those techniques might hamper the search engine optimization process. The crawlers of the search engine would not be able to crawl each and every page of the website and thus traffic will get reduced at your website and thereby will affect the online business.  

The Various Techniques when followed can Result into Curses:

Very few techniques are there which is when followed can result into hampering of the search engine optimization. Search engine can also penalize the websites for performing these

Sinful acts.

The different techniques can be enlisted as follows:

•           Application of Hidden Text:

Hidden texts are those texts that are not easily readable. It is done by choosing the font color the same as the background color, making the text invisible unless the user highlights it. It is used by the websites for filling of the keywords in the page. This is known as the spamdexing way which involves the filling of the page with keywords which will be readable by the search engine crawlers but not by the viewers of the website. However now a days search engines have taken steps to check whether the texts are of the same color or they are of different color than that of the back ground. If websites are obtained by the search engines containing hidden texts then search engines offers much lower rankings.

Thus, an advice do not ever use hidden text in the code, if you are targeting higher ranking for your website to establish in the market of online business.

•           Usage of Cloaking:

Cloaking is based on black hat SEO technique. It is done by presenting a single content in two different forms to the search engine spider and to the web viewers. The main reason of cloaking is to delude the search engine so that they display the webpage when originally they should not. This sinful act is performed to achieve higher ranking in the search engine so that, based on the site ranking the site could get voluminous traffic for online business.

Several search engines considers cloaking as the violation of their stated guidelines and therefore they delist sites when cloaking is performed by certain websites. A very common advice to everyone, there is a very little need to perform such betrayal act when resources are available so that you can do the optimization in a better way than practicing such offensive acts with less effort.

•           Buying Sales & Purchases through Unethical Means:

Search engines generally maintain different algorithms for the different purposes. When people go for paid links, the search engine’s algorithm gets affected in a calculative way. It also acts as an obstacle to the common people to know the actual contents of the site as the original information could not be gathered.

These are few things that should be always ignored and under no circumstances these three ways should be practiced to achieve good ranking in the search engine. Does not worry, if you are performing the ethical means to gain ranking, your website will definitely boom in the search engine.

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