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Free Grill, Skillet and Deep Fryer Shopping Tool Provided by Skillets & More Makes Shopping A Breeze

Kingston, NY (PRWEB) March 02, 2012

According to the Skillets & More CEO their customer service representatives at the website suggest writing down must have features shopping when shopping for any cooking device such as a grill skillet, or a deep fryer. However, very few people actually follow this advice. Instead they think to themselves that they know will remember what features they have decided are important. After all, it just seems so common sense to them that of course they’ll remember to check for heat resistant handles when they are reading the product descriptions. Therefore, they just can’t get themselves to write down the cooking features they feel are important.

Using this “I can remember approach” they end up bouncing from one shopping website to the next.    Relying on one’s memory usually does not work very well. The reason is that every product description sounds like it is just the perfect fit. Product descriptions are expertly designed and written to sound like they must be the best choice.

Writing down goals is an important first step in getting a grill or skillet that fits one’s needs. However, because so many people miss this important first shopping step, the website has developed website click-able checklist. A clear definable shopping objective is important particularly when shopping for cooking ware because its something that will get used everyday. Without the right cooking utensils, cooking can quickly become a dreaded everyday chore.

The website has created a printable checklist for people who can’t get themselves to write down what they want in a skillet, deep fryer or grill. Because the checklist is online it can be emailed to friends and relatives for advice before making a purchase. Try that with a hand written checklist.

The company CEO, Jerry McGahan, points out that they could have made this cookware shopping guide tool into a decision making software program. The reason they didn’t though was because many people are suspicious of down-loadable software and even sever side software. There is always the chance when using a software program that it could contain a computer virus. Also a checklist can be printed out and it can be emailed to family and friends for advice which is a good idea when making a serious purchase.

We therefore we designed it as a checklist as a way of encouraging people to use it. Potential buyers can see the recommendations as they make choices regarding their cooking habits. The checklist matches one’s cooking habits with best fit product features.

As an example someone who indicates that they will regularly be cooking chicken for six or more people should consider getting a square shaped high sided skillet. In addition, the temperature control dial should go up to at least 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

Curious as to why such a person should get a square shaped skillet instead of one that is round? Chicken legs and wings fit better in a square pattern and therefore take up less room. Since they take up less space, more food can be cooked at one time. Everyone at the party therefore can eat together instead of taking shifts.

Another benefit is that the chef gets to eat sooner as well. Its no secret that most people who cook also like to eat. Need proof? When was the last time anybody has seen a skinny chef? Our conclusion therefore is that most chefs like to eat and they only get a chance to eat after everybody else has food on their plate.

Now for the next question. Why the recommendation of 450 degrees. The reason is that chicken and other deep friable meats will get warm but not cook at lower temperatures. A cooking device that can only heat up to around 400 degrees is good for things like stir fries, pancakes, and scrambled eggs. Its not good for cooking chicken because it does not cook the food well enough. Visit the Skillets & More for their check list shopping tool. It will make that skillet frying pan much easier.


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