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Free Search Engine Marketing And Optimization Tips

I want you to think about what you do when you use a search engine to find information or content for your website. Which link do you click on? Usually the first one right? Now imagine if that was your site, how many people would be clicking onto your site? Most likely ALL of them.

Let me give you an example. The word "gambling" Gets written into the search bar for Google about 50,000 times in a single month. If your site is optimized and put on the top of that search (which can easily be done with these tips) you will get at least 40,000 FREE UNIQUE, TARGETED visits to your site every month. Targeted traffic means that these people are looking for what yor are selling so they will buy more of your products or services and will click on your ads.

Before I talk to you about how you get your site on the top of a search page; I want to explain the process that your site has to undergo to appear on a search engine.

Every search engine sends out "spiders" that go out and find sites and scan there content. The goal of every search engine is to categorize organize every website that it comes across. Spiders search for sites and then place them on the search engine.

Now how do you get your site noticed by these spiders and placed at the top of the search engine? I'm going to share with you some of the most important information that you will ever need to get traffic to your site. First you want to choose a key word to optimize, or the word that you want people to type in there search engine and have your site on the top. Do a little experiment; search a few key words in Google and see which one has the least amount of sites under it. Even though these smaller key words have less people typing it in; isn't 5,000 FREE UNIQUE, TARGETED visits to your site every month better than none if you where to try and compete with professionally designed sites that have been around for years? Of course and that's why you're going to have to do it.

Let's talk a little about your websites design; you want to have the key word you chose dotted around your pages. The ideal amount is 3 to 7 times for every 100 words you write. This will get you ranked high quickly. You can also have tons and tons of content about your topic on your site. Search engines love sites with a lot of quality content. This will dramatically affect your ranking.

Outside of your site you can also increase your page rank. Spiders also find your site through any links that they find outside of your site. So your goal is to get thousands of links outside of your site. The easiest way to do this is by placing your site on a link directory. If you type "link directory" in Google, you will get thousands of directories.

Going to each directory and registering your site is a long and tedious process. Of course there is a way to bypass this long hard work with software. If you have the funding you can automate anything that you do with your website. There is software that can put your site on a search engine through coding and special spider attracting tactics. This is for the people who are willing to put there trust in there website.

Search engine optimization is a great way to get tons of FREE UNIQUE, TARGETED visits to your site every month. It can simply be done with the tactics I proved. This process can take weeks months or even years depending on how hard you are willing to work. If you automate it with software it can happen instantly in some cases if your site has good content. So go out there and get your site put on a search engine and just watch all the traffic pour in!

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