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Free Social Media Website for Saving Various Types of Conversations – ChAtTacks

CHICAGO, IL, February 25, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ — February 2014 marks the launch of a new social network platform that makes organizing information remarkably easier., so named because it allows users to "tack" information from web chats, first person conversations, Internet browsing sessions, etc. under different organizational headings, heralds the end of sticky notes, notebooks, Word docs filled with lines of email addresses, and hand held digital planners.

Instead of using these obsolete methods to gather information, you can gather it using ChAtTacks, and access it from any PC or mobile device. When you need to go back and review the information later, you don’t have to revisit old chat sessions, page through a notebook, or wade through your Internet browsing history. Instead, you can simply sign into ChAtTacks and access the information in a matter of seconds.

More Than Organization

ChAtTacks lets you archive various types of information, from web addresses to family photos to favorite movies. However, unlike a conventional data warehouse, ChATacks can interact with the information it receives. For example, if you enter your blood pressure readings in the "My Medical" category, you can use the website to track your readings and see if that Mediterranean diet you’ve been eating is really working.

In the age of multitasking, where the ability to leap from task to task is a sign of mental fortitude, ChAtTacks is taking things in the opposite direction. There’s no glory in toggling between multiple sources of information when you don’t have to. Instead of testing your ability to be an octopus, ChAtTacks serves as a single point of contact for the information that’s important to your life, helping you become more productive at work and home.

The list of Tack Page Categories to organize your life’s stuff are plentiful and probably include may titles that you may now realize that you wish you would have been saving for a long time.

Here are some of the Tack Category Titles: Appointments, Bucket List, Business Card Contacts, Car Enthusiast, Childhood Memories, Client Information, Family, Favorite Movies, Favorite Songs, Fitness Training, Food/Wine, Gaming, Goals, Going Green, Groceries ‘n Things, Health & Wellness, Hobbies, Honey To Do List, Information Technology, Inspirational Quotes, Instant Message/Text Chats, Must See Movies, My Medical, Option Trading, Real Estate Investing, Retirement, School Projects, Social Media Chats, Sports, To Do List, Vacation Planning, Web Design, Websites to Remember, Weight Loss, Wish List, Word Power.

Ready for Launch

If you are looking for a web-based organizational resource that lets you record and track all kinds of information, be sure to check out what ChAtTacks has to offer. When you do, we think you’ll be excited at the prospect of saying goodbye to notepads, sticky notes, Word docs filled with email addresses, and handheld digital planners, and say hello to ChAtTacks.

To sign up for FREE, visit:

ChAtTacks, Inc. is headquartered in Chicago, IL on the 35th Floor in the Two Prudential Plaza.

The ChAtTacks platform is designed to store and organize our members important and useful chats and/or messages all in one place, eliminating the common problem of misplacing messages that are saved in any number of places (sticky notes, email drafts folder, agendas, cell phone memos, etc.).

ChAtTacks is also great for "tacking" must-see movies that you don’t want to forget about, information for your next vacation, songs to download later, and so much more.

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