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Freelance experts can still save valuable time

Graphic designers, web developers, copywriters, photographers, interior designers, cameramen etc. spend a few hours each month in preparing their bills. Many still use a simple calendar or an Excel file to track their working time. Expense notes are stacked in a box. Our LinkedIn survey and user feedback learned us that they lose 2 to 4 hours each month.  Less clients means less paper work. Counting in days or half days, also reduces the administration. But as soon as a freelancer works some hours for client A, another half hour for client B, etc. the monthly puzzle increases. Up to one hour per client according to some of our users.

Free web application

The free web application reduces the monthly puzzle to an hour or less – depending on how careful the user keeps track of production time and expenses. A classic web browser on a Mac or a PC is all it takes for the user to click on a clock, enter a project code and add the expense amount. Printing time sheets at the end of the month is only a matter of minutes.

About us
Software developer Funky Development (or short FunkyDev) is a daughter company of Forte, a specialist service provider in the field of industrial marketing and business communication. FunkyDev develops Forte’s production software and used that experience to create its own first product FunkyTime Basic. The Basic version is and stays free for students and freelancers – and everyone who wants to test-drive the application now. The Pro version will be available by the end of this year and will contain additional features for a small monthly fee.

For further information

·         Funky Development (in short FunkyDev) develops web applications that increase the efficiency of knowledge workers with a smile. Funky Development is a daughter company of Forte.

·         Forte is a specialist service provider in the field of industrial marketing and business communication. The marketing advice and communication project services help companies and organizations with a European business clientele to achieve better results.

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