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From inches to miles: any distance can now be measured with phones and tablets using VisTech.Projects tools for Android OS.

The tools are:

  • Telemeter
  • Planimeter
  • Partometer
  • Diskometer
  • Distance2Meter

These tools have their own application areas, where they can be applied optimally, but they also complement each other and can be used together for different complex tasks. They are easy to use and helpful tools for indoor and outdoor planning and measurements, room design, size and dimension control, topography and measurements on maps.

Telemeter is a bundle of tools for room planning and outdoor measurements. With this app user can align objects horizontally or vertically; check orientation in a room; measure and mark angles; detect electrical wiring in walls; measure width, height and length of an object, height from the ground and distance to an object. This app can be very useful for those who are moving, buying new furniture, working in a garden, or simply need to estimate size or distance quickly without using a ruler. A device integrated camera is used to make measurements.

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Planimeter is a very useful tool that helps to measure big distances and areas on the map. Handy features available in this application make this app is easy and intuitive in use. The application is highly ranked and have received many positive feedbacks from the users.

This application allows users to mark different areas or set points on the map and see area, distance, perimeter results on the screen. Mark points can be added on the map manually by touching the screen or using GPS. With the GPS option users can measure areas just by moving and setting key points around the area of interest. Address or area code search is available in the application for quick location search. The measurement results can be converted into different distance and area units. Additional Info-Panel on the top of the screen shows more details about selected points: geo location, distances and angles.
This app is a must-have tool for everyone who is interested measurements on maps using Android device. This app can be widely applied in different areas such as geography, topography, farming, geology, constructing, real estate, golf, etc.

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Partometer is made to replace the traditional ruler, measuring tape, and protractor.

Very positive user reviews about the usability and accuracy (up to mm) prove that it is a must-have tool in many measurement situations. Partometer uses a reference object for measurements. A list of commonly used reference objects is included in the application. Using Custom option users can define their own reference object and extend an application area of this app. Users have a choice to use current camera view or load pictures from the phone gallery to make measurements on photos. Partometer measures width, length, angles, irregular shaped areas, circle radius and area, sector parameters, arc length, and also length ratios.
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Diskometer uses circular reference objects to make measurements. This application has been developed to be used in manufacturing or as a control tool, where circular objects such as saw blades or disk saws, brakes, wheels, etc are under control or in production.

The accuracy and user friendly interface make this app a very good choice not only as a controlling tool in manufacturing process but also as an everyday tool for those who measure and control object sizes regularly. Users have an option to select a reference object from the integrated list of objects or use custom option to define his own reference object to measure distance, size, angle, length, arc length, radius, area of objects, sector and segment areas.

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Distance2Meter helps users to measure distances to objects using user motion. This application gives good results for big distance measurements. Results are shown in common metric units and steps as well. Distance2Meter has no constraints on phone position and orientation during the measurement and can be very helpful in outdoor and sport activities.
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More information about the development and applications can be found on the VisTech.Projects website:

All these applications and some other useful tools (Maptrack, Colormeter, Pie+ and others) can be downloaded directly from Google Play:

VisTech.Projects is an independent developer specializing in such areas as mobile application development for Android OS, image processing, biometrics, measurement and tracking tools.

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