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Singing a new tune for IT

It sounds like the opening to a joke: what do you get when an Argentine country singer decides that he wants to be an American software entrepreneur? In this case, there’s no punch line, only a company that stands ready to help companies whip themselves into shape. Felix Racca, co-founder of Dallas-based Fuego talks about strategy, aliens, and non-musical aspirations.

What made you decide to go from being a country singer in Argentina to a businessperson in the United States?

Quite frankly, I was never a good singer. I was lucky to have composed a song that appealed to the people in Mendoza because it talked about their geography. This song is still being played on radios in Argentina. It has become a “classic.”

Although my singing paid for itself, it didn’t pay the bills and it didn’t seem that it ever would. Nor did it take much to realize that my business aspirations were stronger than my musical ones.

How did you come to start Fuego?

It was becoming clear to me that there was a gap in what IT could do at a functional level and what a business needed to do at a strategic level. So, I convinced Emilio Lopez Gabeiras, my dear friend and co-founder of all our ventures, to found a company where initiative would be rewarded, where the business value of technology could be inherently realized, and people could make a living being creative and doing what they liked best.

What were some of the challenges you encountered when you started the business?

Really nothing new, but much more intense. People are people all over the world, regardless of their culture. As you can imagine, it was pretty challenging to be an alien from a country that few can place on the map and has no history as a technology provider, and who comes to the United States with a software prototype in a bag and little more.

What do you provide for your clients?

Business Process Management allows a management team, the group who is responsible for how the company runs, to orchestrate people, applications, and organizations into executable, end-to-end processes. This includes integration, workflow, business activity monitoring, and the like. This makes people happier, the company more productive, allows greater innovation and competitiveness, and enables the shareholders at the top to get richer. As you can see, everybody wins.

Why do you think there’s a need for this service?

There’s a dire need for what we do because, due to the way IT has grown in most large organizations, the processes of these organizations are a nightmare. At best, they’re leaky pipes and at worst, they’re gushing hydrants.

But not all is as clear to the internal plumbers of these companies as I’m explaining. They think that they can continue to fix leaks by soldering lead. In today’s day and age, companies with lead piping are too heavy to compete. We provide a light, usable, reusable and flexible way to manage processes so they don’t leak.

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