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Gartner Predicts New Workforce Challenges for 2020; Jabra Responds with Solutions Available Now

NASHUA, N.H. Jan. 17, 2011 Jabra

Mogens Elsberg

The Need for Conferencing

Each of Gartner’s predictions requires communication among disparate groups of people, frequently in remote locations and multiple offices, many ad hoc.  Thus, the ability to communicate instantly is crucial.  Jabra is experiencing an increasing demand for its Unified Communications (UC) solutions that facilitate this collaboration via voice, email, presence, IM or conferencing regardless of location or device.  The new Jabra SPEAK™ 410 is a powerful, portable speakerphone with a plug-and-play USB interface that ensures seamless integration.  The speakerphone is small enough to fit into a briefcase and allows users to set up a mobile conference room in a matter of seconds.  As with most products in Jabra’s portfolio, the SPEAK 410 is compatible with emerging UC platforms.

A Virtual Meeting in Seven Seconds

According to Gartner, "work swarms" are a new problem-solving model in the workforce categorized by a flurry of collective activity by teams of people who may not know each other or work within the same organization.  Immediacy is of utmost importance with these  groups as they may form quickly to work on an issue and then disband just as rapidly, functioning effectively only when there is an efficient way to link diverse groups in different locations.  In response to this trend, there is a growing demand for communications hardware that can be set up in the blink of an eye.  Jabra has developed the Jabra SPEAK™ 410 as a hardware solution that takes only seven seconds to set up a virtual meeting.  The portable nature of the Jabra SPEAK 410 allows different internal and external personnel to form a meta-organization – or "work swarm" – on an ad hoc basis.  The swarm can immediately solve problems or take advantage of sudden opportunities, and then dissolve once the mission is completed.

"The future will be as full of communications challenges as the present," said Elsberg.  "But one of the keys is facilitating it, and the tools are here."

Additional information is available in the Gartner report "Watchlist: Continuing Changes in the Nature of Work, 2010-2020." Gartner’s 10 changes to the world of work in the next 10 years include:

  1. De-routinization of Work
  2. Work Swarms
  3. Weak Links
  4. Working With the Collective
  5. Work Sketch-Ups
  6. Spontaneous Work
  7. Simulation and Experimentation
  8. Pattern Sensitivity
  9. Hyperconnected
  10. My Place

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