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Ghostwriter Notes trades in pen & paper for digital convenience

Jacksonville, Florida – Majorspot, Inc., an emerging mobile applications developer focused on productivity solutions, today was excited to announce the launch of a recent update to Ghostwriter Notes for the iPad. Running on iOS 4.3 or later, Ghostwriter version 3.2 has been overhauled to add a number of new features while improving on existing ones as well. Developed to give users the power to take handwritten notes without using cumbersome notebooks, this app brings traditional note-taking into the mobile arena complete with customization features and diverse exportation options. Ghostwriter Version 3.2 is currently available on the Apple App Store for $2.99. Focused on helping users get going and get organized, this app trades in pen & paper for technology and ingenuity en route to giving users an unparalleled digital documentation platform. Ghostwriter Notes lets users create and save as many virtual notebooks as they’d like. The app also allows them to name specific pages, choose from various ‘paper’ backgrounds, or even choose a custom background to write by importing any image or photo stored on their iPad into the app. Writing in the app is extremely easy as well. Users simply take their finger and write by hand, utilizing the app’s clear digital ink as well as a nifty zoom ratio feature which controls font size down to a tee. Ghostwriter’s recent update only served to enhance and deepen these features, adding in a provision that lets users color code their notebooks for ease of use, as well as adding a ‘Shelf’ feature to help them store completed or actively used notebooks in a neat manner. The number of available paper style options and customizable import-ready paper designs has been increased as well. Engaged note takers now have the ability to paste in images throughout their notes whenever they’d like as well. In today’s connection conscious environment the ability to quickly share and export documents from one place to another is crucial. Recognizing this, Ghostwriter Notes 3.2 allows users to export note pages to their iPad’s photo album, via Dropbox, Ever-note, or email with the simple click of a button as well. A ‘print over the air’ function is available too, should users need to get a hard copy of any notes from the app as well. Ghostwriter Notes 3.2 is capable of creating an infinite amount of notebooks and pages to ensure that it’s users will never be restricted, and together with its intuitive user interface and practically minded features, its an iPad application whose potential matches its capacity.

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