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Giggrabbers – The World's First Combined Crowdfunding and Outsourcing Platform!

Giggrabbers, the world’s only combined crowdfunding and outsourcing platform allows users to visually map out tasks of a project, outsource those tasks to freelancers, and raise funds for those tasks using a crowdfunding campaign.

NEW YORK, NY, October 22, 2016 /24-7PressRelease/ — Giggrabbers is an online crowdfunding, outsourcing, and project visualization platform that helps individuals and businesses bring their projects and ideas to life. It’s the first and only platform of its kind. In fact, crowdfunding has never been combined with online outsourcing as a service. What Giggrabbers provides is novel and very helpful to users looking to start a venture and find funding.

By combining crowdfunding, outsourcing and visual mapping tools into one software, Giggrabbers improves a user’s project management experience. Individuals and businesses can now raise funds for each task of a project through a crowdfunding campaign, outsource those tasks to freelancers, and visually map out the tasks within their project using an interactive circle-spoke wheel diagram. It’s pretty cool actually (see images!) and here’s how it works:

1. Project Visualization: The project visualization tool can be used to map out simple unrelated tasks (called a simple project) or a group of tasks that relate to one big project (called complex projects). Complex projects require a user to first indicate the type of project being pursued. Based on the project type, the user answers “yes” or “no” to a questionnaire around likely tasks. For example, the questionnaire for a venture/entrepreneurial projects would ask the question: “Do you need a website?” or “Do you need a mobile app developer?” and if the user answers yes, the platform adds the task to the circle spoke wheel diagram and proceeds to the next question. This happens until all questions are viewed or eight tasks are added to the wheel diagram. For each task, the user is then asked to provide a brief description, identify their budget range, and specify a desired date of completion. (This information can be modified later.)

2. Online Outsourcing: After all tasks have been described and posted to the jobs page, the user can monitor job proposals from freelancers, namely “giggrabbers” until one is selected for each task. Additionally, a project page is created where users can view and track feedback from supporters and monitor the crowdfunding and overall project progress. The most important features of this service are that users can enjoy enhanced and interactive functionality when working on big projects. By allowing users to visually map out and outsource tasks, Giggrabbers’ circle spoke wheel prompts users to approach outsourcing as a big project kind of thing, unlike any other outsourcing platforms, allowing for a more holistic approach to project management.

3. Crowdfunding: The most unique feature about the way crowdfunding works on Giggrabbers is are that funds can only be used towards hiring a freelancer to work on a project. In fact, funds can be restricted towards a specific task within the project or budget item within a task. For example, in funding a venture/entrepreneurial project that requires website development, an investor can select the website development task to fund. If the investor wishes to fund something more specific, he or she can fund a budget item within that website development task (e.g. downpayment, 1st milestone, 2nd milestone, etc.) As a result, crowdfunders have more flexibility and transparency when choosing to fund a project. They can be more certain that funds are used in a way that furthers the development of the project.

Every individual with a viable idea should have a fair shot at bringing it to life. In that regard, Giggrabbers exists to improve the chances of a user’s success when indulging in a project. By making big improvements to the way crowdfunding and outsourcing works, Giggrabbers hopes to bring ideas and projects to life for people around the world.

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Giggrabbers is the world’s only online crowdfunding and outsourcing platform.

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