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Glam Media Introduces Glam 2.0—The Next Generation Digital Media Model

NEW YORK July 14, 2011 Glam Media, Inc. Glam 2.0

GlamCreate GlamConnect

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GlamCreate provides professional authors, journalists and bloggers with a next generation content-management platform that allows them to focus on what they do best—creating authentic content that consumers crave. All major types of digital content, including articles, blog posts, photos, videos and other rich media that can be easily created, managed or syndicated. As technology options continue to grow, it is increasingly more difficult for content creators to keep up with the pace of change. GlamCreate simplifies the entire process of content creation, promotion and serving.

Additionally, Glam Create provides a directory that allows authors and bloggers to showcase their current and past work in portfolios organized by specific verticals. Content submitted through the GlamCreate platform is professionally curated to ensure quality.


The GlamConnect platform is the first social network for professional authors and bloggers, which enables them to join discussions around specific vertical communities comprised of other digital content creators, authors and influencers. Glam is also building social networking tools that content creators can use to add social media functionality to their sites and blogs.

Glam Media’s vision is to build narrow, focused social networks where people share passionate interests around specific themes or verticals. By offering a curated, small group of people, Glam has created a highly professional community that has much more in common than broad social networks where anyone can friend you.

The company is also building social tools that will help professional authors and journalists connect, communicate and socially activate consumers around their content—helping add social applications to their content, allow users to join their social circles, manage comments, add like buttons, and activate content through multiple social feeds like Facebook, Twitter and other discussion streams.

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Glam Media Authors, Journalists, Publishers and Bloggers

Glam Media currently works with more than 4,000 authors and 2,500 leading publishing partners across multiple vertical content channels, including for Women, for Men and now for Health and Wellness seekers. Together, authors on Glam have created one of the largest collections of high quality, authentic content for lifestyle audiences online.

Digital content creators who wish to use GlamCreate and GlamConnect can access both platforms via Glam Media’s, the company’s recently launched health and wellness vertical.

About Glam Media

Glam Media is the pioneer of vertical media that connects the world’s top brand advertisers with targeted vertical audiences online. Glam invented the first commercial Blog Network in 2005 to harness the power of Social Media for brands. Since then, it has grown to a reach of 94 million unique monthly visitors in the U.S. and more than 200 million globally, and is #1 for Women and #8 in Top 100 US Web Properties.  Glam Media has more than 2,500 publishers organized across multiple vertical categories online including: for Women, Glam Entertainment for Adults, for Men and for health and wellness seekers.

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