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IT training company prepares for the future.

For some students looking for IT training, finding a small school that can offer a personal touch is a key factor in getting the right kind of education. At Detroit-based Global IT, where the student base averages only around 200 students, IT training is about more than just taking classes–it’s about building relationships and getting individual guidance. We recently spoke with the school’s founder, Syed Khalid about the school’s offerings.

What kind of training does Global IT provide?

We offer hands-on training in various arenas. We are a Microsoft Certified Partner, so naturally we do training in Office XP and MCSE 2000. We are setting the standard in Oracle training, using books from Oracle University. We offer classes for Developer and DBA certifications, and we provide classes for small businesses, teaching them how implement the Oracle Small Business Tools. We have set up our Web design courses to intertwine, thus taking advantage of more of the courses we offer proves to diversify our students. Students can take courses in Web design, Java certification, XML, and we do have courses for beginners as well. And some of the new courses we are starting up include our Linux administration and courses in Web services.

What types of jobs can students expect to get once they have completed a program at Global IT?

That depends on the route the students choose to take. They can get hired as professional Web designers, programmers, database developers, or network administrators. Also, we have had people come in to take specific courses simply in order to get hired to manage in that particular technology.

In what areas of IT are you seeing a demand for workers?

Java programming and Oracle development have shown a steady demand. And if you look at the future of Web services, the use of XML seems to be a necessity. Slowly but surely, we see more and more companies taking a serious look at Linux to operate their network. Finally, the demand for mainframe workers is growing as more and more people with the sound technical skills and experience retire.

What does Global IT offer that other professional training schools don’t?

I can honestly say we have built a solid humanistic and business-oriented foundation. We understand people’s needs, and don’t look to merely sell to any prospective student. We learn about them, where they are in life professionally, and what direction they would like to head in. We try to fit the appropriate program for the individual based on their skills, interests, and goals. Making this conscious effort, along with constantly looking from feedback from our students, has made us unique.

We have become a family at GIT, and once a student walks through our doors, we do our best to accommodate. Our instructors are quite knowledgeable in their respective fields and they know how to convey their knowledge to our students. We also are affiliated with the Michigan Minority Business Development Council, and we have several contacts in various areas of the corporate market and individuals in our organization looking to place our students.

What else can we expect to see from Global IT?

If we continue to work as hard as we have, naturally expectations of our school are going to be high. We have students that take our courses and recommend us to their respective companies, and those companies will come back to us with requests for training in areas we have yet to get into. Financial software, medical software applications, engineering, and design software are areas we may get into. We are also approaching more and more corporations about opportunities for quality training, with substantial savings. We will continue to grow, but we absolutely refuse to sacrifice the quality of our training and the personalized attention that we place on each student simply to get bigger and make money. The money is always going to be there.

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