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Globalshareware: Get a Hawk’s Eye with Logmaster Software

BEIJING Feb. 17, 2011 DinoDirect Logmaster

The user will never know that Logmaster is being installed as it secretly captures the user’s activity which is later stored in an encrypted logfile. "There is no need for any FTP/Mail Server to get this amazing software and you can easily monitor the logs of email. With the keystroke recorder, it is now possible to keep records in the form of logs of everything that is entered on a keyboard. The program is well detailed to the extent that it can show you the time and date when a specific window was opened by the user. Just set a desired email account where all the information from the other computers can be logged and tracked easily," said the marketing director of the company. As mentioned earlier, this program works in a ‘hidden’ mode and is only visible when a specific keyword, known as a hot key is entered.

Logmaster is capable of tracking all activities on computers which include emails, chat conversations, keystrokes and other desktop activities. The Logmaster in designed in such a way that it can bypass the local firewalls and can even monitor the remote desktop users as well. If there is a new version of the software, your system will be automatically upgraded.

Apart from Logmaster being massively used in offices, the software is extremely useful in homes as well. Parents are always worried about their children whey they are using the Internet and are always looking for a way to keep an eye on the ‘friend’ with whom he is chatting or the websites which their child has visited. Logmaster has sorted this problem and is considered to be parents’ favorite. The same is the case in schools and institutions where computer labs are massively used by the students. It is the responsibility of the concerned staff to notice whether inappropriate websites have been opened from their end or not. In order to provide maximum benefit to the betterment of society, Logmaster service can be availed at a discounted price. The discounted price is available for schools and other related institutions.

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