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Golf Psychology — Understanding The Science Behind It

Lisa Lane Brown, who has a keen insight into the psychology of golf, was an athlete herself. She is of the view that sometimes the player’s start may be good but his confidence may waver in the course of the game. She thought of quitting because she realized that she did not have the mental toughness to perform under pressure. Now, after many years of research and experiments, she has discovered the secret to gaining mental toughness. The secrets helped her score the winning goals in the last minutes of three world championships.

Lisa has been named in the Who’s Who of Canadian Sport and also has been inducted into the Hall of Fame. During her experience covering fourteen years, she has shared golf psychology tips with thousands of Olympic and National team athletes in North America. The tips have helped the players excel in their respective fields even under immense pressure.

You can join Lisa’s mailing list and get regular updates about golf psychology. You can also try her eBook for free. There is a special bonus offer on the book through which you can save $80.00. The book has some breakthrough golf psychology tips to improve your game. You will definitely start achieving the highest scores of your life using these excellent secrets.

The tips would come in handy for golfers who are struggling to be consistent in the game, trying to putt conveniently, and who are trying to develop a swing. If you have tried all the self-help and how-to books, seen all the instructional videos, or have even tried personal golf lessons, but feel the effort has been in vain, try Lisa’s advice now. Golf books and lessons talk about hip rotation and ball position, but you will rarely find useful help on how to master golf psychology.

If you are also tired of on the shelf self-help books and golf lessons and want to just have some fun with the game, understand the psychology of golf. Lisa guarantees that your game will change for the better within one week of following her tips. She is of the view that no matter how hard the players may train physically, if they are not tough mentally, they cannot succeed. She pledges to take your career to a new high with her simple tricks and advice.

Lisa stresses that it is important to have a great approach to the game from the beginning. She opines that the game should be kept simple and as repeatable as possible. She has listed four main ingredients for a successful innings; namely a good grip, a nice set up, the correct swing speed, and attaining a feel for the swing. Lisa emphasizes that while the first two are easy to learn and achieve, the last two require an in-depth understanding of golf psychology. So, if you want to taste success in golf, immediately follow the mantras of Lisa.

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