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Good Karma with TimeSheet Reporter

One such practice is to donate $1 to a charity for a new purchase of a TimeSheet Reporter user license. If an organization buys 100 new licenses, $100 will be donated to a charity and if they buy 5,000 new licenses, TimeSheet Reporter will donate $5,000 to a charity. This way an organization will not only benefit from the power of the TimeSheet Reporter software but also help in making a positive contribution to the community.

A leading timesheet reportingsolution
TimeSheet Reporter is today recognized as one of the leading timesheet reporting tools in the market that helps organizations cut costs, increase revenue and improve overall efficiency of the organization. Many organizations lose revenue because employees do not report the correct hours on customer payable projects. They also lose control over critical business functions if employees do not report the correct hours on internal projects. On the other hand, employees face the unenviable task of getting into different systems for different projects and registering their time on them, many times a day, every day.

TimeSheet Reporter combines a set of powerful features with a user-friendly interface so that employees and management can use it with great ease. Since most employees today use Microsoft Outlook calendar to schedule appointments, meetings and track tasks, TimeSheet Reporter allows users to report time on different projects, activities and organizations through their Outlook calendar. If the user feels the need to add additional information about why an appointment was conducted the way it was, comments can be attached while reporting the time.

Administrators and supervisors can use the administrator module of TimeSheet Reporter to quickly get an overview of the time entries sent in by employees and quickly approve or disapprove them. They can also add brief explanations for the disapproved entries. TimeSheet Reporter also makes it easy to generate standard reports for management to help them track the time and costs involved in a particular project. This helps them in making future estimates and also in identifying areas that need to improve in their efficiency.

Everybody wins
TimeSheet Reporter thus not only makes timesheet reporting less time consuming but also allows employees to turn their time and energy towards other priorities. This saves precious time and resources for the organization making it more profitable and more competitive.
Finally, since every new purchase of TimeSheet Reporter
 leads to a charitable donation, the customers and TSR are helping make the world an even better place – and, ensuring good karma for everybody!

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