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Anyone who’s ever had to make a doctor’s appointment or call for prescription information has probably had that fleeting moment of dread, just before the hold music kicks in but after hearing, “I’m not the person you should be talking to.” At this moment, time becomes elastic, causing minutes to drag by as listlessly as a flu victim in a waiting room. Thankfully, the electronic age has arrived to diminish the medical office phone hell, with

The site provides free patient-doctor messaging, so if your physician is signed up, you can send e-mail to request appointments, ask questions, get prescription refills, and even check on test results. If a medical office isn’t as wired as it could be, the service can still be used, since sends the message to the doctor’s office as a fax. According to, they have nearly 400,000 practicing physicians available.

If, by some remarkable chance, your doctor isn’t listed, the site asks for your physician’s name and phone number, and promises a listing for them on the next working day. Nice to see that someone is willing to wait on hold so you don’t have to.

In terms of navigation, its simplicity and ease-of-use should be an example to webmasters everywhere. Colorful icons shaped like file folders line let the user zip in and out of general areas for tasks like refills and appointments, while the main page provides information specific to your doctor’s practice, like directions to the clinic, hours, and specialists at that location. The main benefit of the site, though, is that it just makes sense. Why have all this sparkly technology if you can’t use it to bypass a busy switchboard?

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