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‘Graffiti Abatement Program’ Well Underway for Big Game This Weekend

DALLAS Feb. 3, 2011 City of Dallas

The City engaged a number of local businesses to assist in a "Graffiti Abatement Program" which has been running for a number of weeks.


As part of the program, local business Stripco® offered use of its graffiti cleaning sodablast systems, which were approved and selected for their mobility and environmentally friendly sodablasting technology.

Stripco®, Inc. is a manufacturer & global distributor of soda blasting systems & sorbents with a heavy focus on green-technology.

The Stripco® Sodablasting systems are highly effective in removing paint, grease, oil, and other stubborn contaminants.

Bill Connelly


"We donated use of our Sodablasting Systems, as well as the time and labor of our Stripco® Authorized Contractors," he said.

The sodablasting concept was first invented in 1984 when the badly corroded Statue of Liberty required restoration using a product that wouldn’t further damage the structure.

"These early sodablasters were plagued with clogging and inefficiency due to equipment design but more so the small particle size of the blast media they used," said Mr. Connelly.

"Our systems are unique in that they use a large amount of compressed air and just a small amount of baking soda making them not only mobile, fast and effective but most importantly environmentally friendly.

"Using a pure granular sodablast media is a key component in our systems success and our strategic relationship with our sodium bicarbonate supplier Natural Soda, Inc. allows us to make this pure high quality blast media available to sodablasting contractors nationwide," he said.

"Natural Soda produces a granular sodablast media for Stripco® that is highly effective and also happens to be the greenest soda on the market which the market responds exceptionally well to," said Mr. Connelly.

Ryan Stanton

"We look forward to continuing to provide Stripco with our natural sodium bicarbonate blasting sorbent," said Mr. Stanton.


Natural Soda’s holding company is Natural Resources USA Corporation, a public company trading on the OTC Bulletin Board under stock symbol NTRC.



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SOURCE Natural Resources USA Corporation

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