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GravityEight Announces Internet’s First Device-Rich Fully Integrated Platform for Personalized Wellbeing

SAN FRANCISCO Feb. 17, 2011

David Wamsley Oprah Winfrey Nicolas Sarkosy is the individual’s answer. It provides users with an elegant centralized dashboard that tracks and integrates their ongoing wellbeing self-assessments with actions taken and goals set. The result is a dynamic measurement of how well a person is balancing wellbeing practices in eight areas – health, finances, relationships, career, spirituality, community, lifelong learning, and leisure.

ex p e r i e n c e Justin Mager

"GravityEight encourages, empowers and engages users to the utmost. It’s clear to even the first-time visitor that this means greater control over personal wellbeing and happiness."

Among GravityEight’s array of current and future features:

  • A centralized dashboard that can track data from the digital self-measurement devices consumers love most – including the Nike Plus©, Zeo Personal Sleep Coach©, and Withings Body Scale©.
  • Live online broadcasts featuring our experts on how to cultivate greater wellbeing.
  • Fresh daily programming and news articles that inform and inspire.
  • Online functions that reward users as they learn, take action, set goals and change behavior.
  • A "Wellbeing Meter" that shows at a glance a person’s progress.

The GravityEight platform makes practical use of gaming mechanics applied to real-life activities, the quantified self movement’s use of self-measurement technology, practices evolved from positive psychology, and research that has lead social scientists, economists, and heads-of-state to recognize wellbeing is today the gold standard by which we measure the quality of our lives.

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J ohn T. Wa rk

Da vid B . Wa m s l e y

(909) 20 6 -4302

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[email protected]

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