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Green Data Centers

NEW YORK April 26, 2012

Green Data Centers

IT Equipment, Power and Cooling Infrastructure, and Monitoring and Management Tools: Global Industry Drivers, Market Analysis, and Forecasts

The insatiable demand for data centers and compute cycles is on a strong, upward trajectory. Today’s data center industry is estimated to consume around 1.5% of the world’s energy. The net result is that the industry is undergoing a sea change as it struggles to keep energy demand in check while concurrently growing. The change is driven by a diverse yet highly integrated set of factors: the prices of electricity and real estate, greenhouse gas emissions, information technology improvements, an unending increase in storage requirements, cloud computing, virtualization, electronic-based business models, large steps in cooling techniques, and significant improvements in monitoring and management tool suites.

A number of factors contribute to the changing data center industry. These include public policy recommendations and implementations, industry refinement and sharing of best practices, cooperation between equipment manufacturers and facilities operators to achieve compute cycle improvements at increasingly higher temperature and humidity levels, emerging markets, and the rapid adoption of smart phones and mobile computing devices, to name a few. Underpinning the changes taking place in the industry are the requirements of reliability, security, and sustainability.

This Pike Research report explores global green data center trends with regional forecasts for market size and opportunities through 2016. The report examines the impacts of global economic and political factors on regional data center growth, along with newly adopted developments in power and cooling infrastructure, servers, storage, and data center infrastructure management software tools across the industry. The research study profiles key industry players and their strategies for expansion and technology adoption.

Key Questions Addressed:

-What are the market, environmental, and regulatory pressures shaping the green data center market?

-How large, by region, is the opportunity for green data center technologies?

-What are the key technologies currently enabling energy efficiency in the data center?

-What are the emerging technologies that will support future improvements in energy efficiency?

-Who are the key vendors in the green data center market?

-Who are the emerging players and new technology providers in this market?

-What are some of the world’s leading companies doing to make their data centers green?

-Which regulatory initiatives will have an impact on data centers?

-What are the regional trends in energy efficiency in the data center?

-Which best practices are changing the energy efficiency of the data center?

-How will the green data center meet new business demands on IT?

Who needs this report?

-IT equipment vendors

-IT management software developers and providers

-Power and cooling infrastructure vendors and software developers

-Data center owners, operators, and consultancies

-Hosting, cloud computing, and managed service providers

-Government agencies

-Industry associations

-Standards organizations

-Investor community

Table of Contents

1.      Executive Summary

1.1  Green Data Centers and the Transformation of IT

1.2  Trends Shaping the Green Data Center

1.2.1    Growth in Computing Power

1.2.2    Cloud Computing

1.2.3    Financial Constraints and Incentives

1.2.4    Management, Monitoring, and Metrics

1.2.5    Modularization

1.2.6    Public Policies and Regulation

1.3  Market Size

2.      Market Issues

2.1  The Rise of the Green Data Center

2.2  The Global Data Center Footprint

2.3  Defining the Green Data Center

2.3.1    What Is a Green Data Center?

2.3.2    Other Elements of the Green Data Center

2.4  Transforming the Data Center: Drivers for Change

2.4.1    The Rising Demand for Data Center Services

2.4.2    Reducing the Global Carbon Footprint

2.4.3    ICT Industry Leadership

2.4.4    Corporate Sustainability Objectives

2.4.5    Public Policy and Government Initiatives

2.4.6    Financial Imperatives

2.4.7    Technology Drivers

2.5  Greening the Data Center

2.5.1    First You Must Measure

2.5.2    PUE: The Global Standard Metric for Data Center Efficiency

2.5.3    Cooling

2.5.4    Power Efficiency

2.5.5    IT Equipment and Applications

2.5.6    Data Center Monitoring and Management

2.5.7    Data Center Design: The Move to Modularization

2.6  Market Dynamics

2.6.1    The Industrialization of the Data Center

2.6.2    Vertical Markets

2.7  Key Player Strategies

2.7.1    The IT Giants

2.7.2    Cooling and Power Infrastructure Providers

2.7.3    IT Equipment and Software Providers

2.7.4    The New Internet Companies

2.7.5    Data Center Operators

2.7.6    IT Service Players

2.8  Regional Drivers and Priorities

North America


Asia Pacific





2.9  Market Challenges

2.9.1    Barriers to Success

2.9.2    Risk Aversion

2.9.3    The Gap Between IT and Facilities

2.9.4    Making the Financial Case

2.9.5    Better Energy Monitoring

2.9.6    Better Metrics

3.      Technology Issues

3.1  Metrics

3.1.1    PUE and DCiE

3.1.2    Measuring Data Center Productivity

3.1.3    CUE and WUE

3.2  Cooling

3.2.1    The Challenge

3.2.2    The Move to Best Practices

3.2.3    Improving Air Flow

3.2.4    Raising the Operational Temperature

3.2.5    Raise the Floor or Not?

3.2.6    Free Cooling and Economization

3.2.7    Rack and Server Cooling

3.3  Power Infrastructure

3.3.1    The Challenge: Efficiencies of Delivery and Distribution

3.3.2    Best Practices

3.3.3    Battery-Based UPS Systems

3.3.4    Rotary and Flywheel UPS

3.3.5    Power Conversion

3.3.6    On-Site Generation

3.4  IT Equipment and Applications

3.4.1    The Drive to Virtualization

3.4.2    Server Optimization    The Engine of the Data Center    Energy-Efficient Processors    Power Management

3.4.3    Storage    The Challenge    Improving Storage Efficiency    Storage Efficiency Technologies

3.4.4    Network Equipment

3.5  Data Center Energy Monitoring and Management

3.5.1    Increasing the Granularity of Monitoring Data

3.5.2    Data Center Energy Efficiency Software

4.      Standards and Regulation

4.1  The Role of Standards in the Data Center

4.2   American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE)

4.3   U.S. Department of Energy – Save Energy Now Data Center Program

4.4   U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ENERGY STAR Rating for Data Centers

4.5  EU Code of Conduct on Data Centres Energy Efficiency

4.6  The Green Grid

4.7  Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

4.8  U.K. CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme

4.9  U.S. Green Building Council – LEED

5.      Key Industry Players

5.1  1E

5.2  Capgemini

5.3  Cbeyond

5.4  Cisco Systems

5.5  Colt Group

5.6  Emerson Network Power

5.7  EvoSwitch

5.8  Fujitsu

5.9  Green House Data

5.10  HCL Technologies

5.11  Intel

5.12  Juniper Networks

5.13  Microsoft

5.14  NetApp

5.15  Next Generation Data

5.16  nlyte Software

5.17  Power Assure

5.18  Procter & Gamble

5.19  Rackspace Hosting

5.20  Schneider Electric

5.21  Vantage Data Centers

5.22  Verne Global

5.23  ViaWest

5.24  Vigilent

6.      Market Forecasts

6.1  Forecast Assumptions

6.2  Data Center GHG Emissions

6.3  Green Data Center and Overall Data Center Revenue

6.4  Green Data Center Revenue by Region

6.5  Green Data Center Opportunity by Technology Stream

6.6  Summary of Regional Green Data Center Market Trends

North America


Asia Pacific

7.      Company Directory

8.      Acronym and Abbreviation List 

9.      Table of Contents 

10.    Table of Charts and Figures 

11.     Scope of Study, Sources and Methodology, Notes

List of Charts and Figures

Components of the Green Data Center

Moore’s Law

Direct Current vs. Alternating Current in the Data Center

A Simple Mode of Hot/Cold Aisle Containment

Data Center Power Distribution

Cumulative, Cascading Benefits of Server Optimization at Component Level

Example of Data Center Energy and Performance Management Software

Green Data Center Revenue by Region, World Markets: 2011-2016

Data Center GHG Emissions by Region, World Markets: 2011

Data Center GHG Emissions, World Markets: 2011-2016

Green Data Center Technology Market and Overall Data Center Revenue, World Markets: 2011-2016

Green Data Center Revenue by Region, World Markets: 2011-2016

Green Data Center Revenue by Technology Sector, World Markets: 2011-2016

Green Data Center Market Share by Region: 2011

Green Data Center Market Share by Region: 2016

List of Tables

Data Center GHG Emissions by Region, World Markets: 2011

Storage Efficiency Technologies

Data Center GHG Emissions, World Markets: 2011-2016

Green Data Center Technology Market and Overall Data Center Revenue, World Markets: 2011-2016

Green Data Center Revenue by Region, World Markets: 2011-2016

Green Data Center Revenue by Technology Sector, World Markets: 2011-2016

North America


Asia Pacific

Green Data Center Market Share by Region: 2011

Green Data Center Market Share by Region: 2016

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