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Green energy companies & micro-CHP

(Looking much like a typical home boiler, it is compact and designed to be mounted on a wall. It converts natural gas piped into the home into heat and electricity. It can provide all the hot water and central heating required in a typical home as well as much of the electricity. Since the electricity is created at the home, it is created at two or three times the efficiency of the electricity provided by power stations which have to travel through large distribution networks.

– This hydrogen fuel-cell boiler is designed to save more than 25% on the total energy bills compared to the best current gas boilers.
– It does not require any lifestyle changes – the connections and maintenance contracts will be the same as for existing gas boilers.
– Please assume that any excess electricity that you produce can be sold to your electricity provider.)

* How well known are the ‘green energy’ providers in each country?
* Of those people aware of the providers, how many use them, or intend to use them in the near future?
* What are people’s attitudes towards fuel-cell technology being used in different situations?
* How do people react to this product profile of a micro-CHP boiler?
* What proportion of people are ‘Enthusiasts’ for the micro-CHP boiler – find it ‘very appealing’ and say they are ‘very likely to install’ one once their current boiler needed replacing?
* What is the best predictor of whether someone is an ‘Enthusiast’ for the micro-CHP boiler?

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