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Green Smoke Reviews – For Everything That All You Wanted To Know About E-Cigarettes

Smokers will be relieved to know that this electronic cigarette tastes and feels exactly like the real cigarette sans the smoke. While people might be inclined to believe that you are smoking a real stick, because it gives out some vapors, they will be pleasantly surprised to learn that you are actually not. These cigarettes come with disposable cartridges, with a variety of flavors and different concentration levels of nicotine.

These E-cigs, as they are popularly known, are patented under the electronic cigarette technology and have been tested by independent agencies for safety. The smoking sensation that you feel is just like that of a real smoke minus the side effects of a regular tobacco cigarette. That explains why there is a huge demand for these green cigarettes among thousands of regular smokers. Health is no doubt one of the major motivating factors.

Green Smoke Reviews lists out other major advantages of converting to electronics cigarettes. The cartridge that comes with the pack lasts for a long time. The atomizer that comes with every cartridge is a huge plus as well. People have blogged that they have not touched a real cigarette after using an electronic one because they never felt the need to do so. Non-smokers do not have to bother about passive smoke affecting them when they are in the company of e-smokers.

Green Smoke reviews make another important point about how these cigarettes can help you kick the habit of smoking. As the electronic cigarettes come with different nicotine levels, ranging from zero to sixteen, you can work on lowering the nicotine intake gradually until you are ready to give them off completely. That these cigarettes are more environment-friendly is another reason why you should move to electronic cigarettes. The Green Smoke electronic cigarettes reviewed on popular blogs encourage smokers to move to e-cigarettes to save their health and make the environment a safer, cleaner place.

Green Smoke Reviews state how you will not have to feel guilty for smoking in public places. The presence of children and elders makes smoking at public places an awkward and discouraging experience. With electronic cigarettes, you can smoke at any place, indoors or outdoors, public or private, as these cigarettes are free from tar and carbon monoxide. Your non-smoking friends will not cringe their noses in disgust anymore, because the e-cigarettes do not emit any bad odor. Your breath will, in fact, smell as fresh as the mint or menthol flavor e-cigarette that you are using.

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