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Premio’s Minos S651.

As nice as it may be to have a sleek Tablet PC to make fellow airline travelers jealous, there’s nothing like having a dependable, stable desktop that works hard and demands little. The Premio s651 is just such a beast–no glitz or chic design, it’s pure white box all the way, but it performs just the way it’s supposed to, and at a nice clip, too.

The s651 features Intel Pentium 4 and Celeron processors, support for 400 or 533 MHz FSB processors, and four USB ports. Thankfully, two of the ports are in the front, so no more fumbling to get the cord wrapped around the machine when trying to plug in the digital camera.

Because the machine works like a charm at a reasonably good speed, it makes a great, solid computer for doing most tasks. It may not have the spiffiest video capabilities, or possess a supersonic feel, but unless you’re a game programmer, chances are that you won’t miss the extra polish. You also won’t miss spending the extra money; it retails at around $750. If the graphics do seem lacking, or the need for memory causes a keener yearning that you’d like, the computer is designed to be quite add-on friendly.

It’s light on the desk, too, taking up slightly less space than an Apple G4. Although it’s not quite as slender as Premio’s discontinued s650, this machine kicks out the power a bit more forcefully than its predecessor, making it worth the additional room. With such a dependable and inexpensive machine, the only question left is, where will you spend the rest of the computer budget?

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