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Molly provides useful resources for a hardware whiz interested in being more than just a bench tech. 4/20/01 Title: Blurb: Molly provides useful resources for a hardware whiz interested in being more than just a bench tech.

Dear Molly: A few years ago I started working with computers in my spare time, tinkering with them to see how they work. I have fixed the computers of friends of mine and I have even built my own computer from a kit. I would like to find out what kinds of computer hardware jobs exist beyond the basic job of bench tech. How would I find out more about these kinds of jobs?

Molly says: We get so focused on the software side of the IT world that we forget sometimes that there are millions of people around the world working to make the next generation of computers run faster and more reliably than the current generation. In addition to that, there are many people who design and build hardware peripherals.

To get an idea of the kinds of computer hardware jobs that exist, you might want to visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics Web site that I mentioned a few days ago. Search for information on computer hardware, read the search results material, and then follow the links. Be sure to read the information on computer hardware engineers and computer scientists.

While you’re on the Web, visit two computer trade association Web sites: the Association for Computing Machinery and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. These sites offer plenty of material on computer hardware careers.

Comdex and the Consumer Electronics Show are two excellent, albeit very large, trade shows where you can find out more about the latest and greatest in computer hardware. If you have the opportunity to attend one, look around for companies that design or make computer components.


Molly says: Text here.

Molly Joss also writes the monthly Career Advisor column for ComputerUser magazine. To ask a career-related question, reach her at [email protected]

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