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Health Traveler Launches a New Medical Tourism Discussion Forum

There is a new trend in the traveling and medical niches, and that is that they are both growing interdependently of one another. As the American health scene changes due to their new health care laws and more people lose the health care that they were accustomed to, it has become popular to seek treatment abroad for their medical, cosmetic and dental needs. This new trend is called Medical Tourism and the people seeking treatment are referred to as ‘Health Travelers.’ Although for centuries people have been willing to travel to every corner of the globe to find their special cure, Medical Tourism has never seen such widespread acceptance as it does today. More information about this growing trend can be found on , a newly launched discussion forum focusing on Medical Tourism niche.
“For a potential health traveler to make an educated decision, it’s important to understand that accreditation and quality measures for treatment of health conditions vary widely from country to country,” said Tom Nagy, Health Traveler CEO. “Through our Health Traveler Forum, we are enabling user-to-user interaction and information sharing, and thus making information on medical travel more easily available.”
One reason that people search for medical care outside of their homeland is because of the high cost of care. The drawback to state-of-the-art medical practices in countries like the United States is that the care quickly advances past what its citizens can afford. Another perhaps more important reason for seeking treatment abroad is because the American FDA board has ruled that some traditional practices are illegal there. Some of these traditional treatments, which are still practiced in other areas of the world, are deemed unsafe by the regulatory committee in the US.
The second largest influence on this growing trend is that as people move out of their homeland into another area of the world, transplanted citizens become health travelers as they return to their native land for the care they are more comfortable with, such as seen in the growing Indian population in America. Not only are the traditional medical practices important to this group of traveling patients, but sometimes the religion they practice needs consideration. For instance, Orthodox Jews follow several Kosher rules and it is devestating to these faithful people if even one of these laws is broken. They know that their religious views will be taken quite seriously in their homeland.
Finally, the third most popular reason to seek treatment abroad for health care is that many breakthrough medications become stalled in the bureaucracy of the American medical system. Some of these new medications are readily available to anyone who asks for them in other parts of the world and health travelers are willing to go get them.
These issues and more can be discussed with like-minded health travelers on Health Traveler Forum ( was designed with the health traveler in mind. Issues like those mentioned above as well as other concerns such as accreditation, care quality and how to save money on these services are investigated and discussed.

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