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Hello from CES and ShowStoppers in Las Vegas!

Providing the vision for this challenge is TEC® and SeV CEO and Co-Founder Scott Jordan, who will be presenting the TEC® Jacket 2.0 at ShowStoppers during CES.  The TEC® Jacket 2.0 is the clothing equivalent of a concept car.  Projecting what technologies could be available in two years, Jordan and his team have developed a presentation meant to inspire, entertain and engage anyone interested in the world of gadgets, particularly those who can make their fantasy gadgets a reality.  Far from being pure sci-fi, all of the must-have devices of the TEC® Jacket 2.0 have a basis in current technology that can be adapted for integration and use as wearable tech.

This revolutionary concept jacket demonstrates game-changing future technologies including:

Networked, flexible e-ink screens embedded in the jacket sleeves to monitor battery status, connectivity, temperature, location and other vital stats.
Flexible flat speakers and microphones positioned in the jacket collar to provide stereo playback and recording of media.
TEC® currently has a patented (PAN) Personal Area Network integrated into their clothing.  The natural evolution of this network is a Power Management System utilizing thin, flat batteries woven into a flexible array to maintain a charge on all devices networked through the PAN.  Various charging sources can be integrated as new technologies allow: kinetic charging, magnetic induction charging through a specially-designed "coat hook," and optional solar cells.
A Wi-Fi/LTE-amplifying fractal antenna sewn into the jacket material to allow high-speed connectivity on, near and off the grid.
And at least a dozen other near-future technologies will be presented at ShowStoppers at CES

“We are constantly pushing the electronic design envelope and always searching for ways to expand our clothing line by imagining and creating wearable technology. The TEC® Jacket 2.0 is visual representation of how we see the next logical step in consumer wearable computers. With suggestions and ideas from our social media following, key tech bloggers, and internal resources we created the TEC® Jacket 2.0 as the jacket of the (near) future. We are challenging consumer electronics companies to provide the technology to make this jacket possible, and there’s no better place to issue this challenge than at CES.” says CEO, Scott Jordan.

The evolution of this jacket is coinciding with the movement back to SCOTTEVEST’s roots, which is TEC-Technology Enabled Clothing®. With a complete redesign of the branding and website, SCOTTEVEST and TEC® are working side by side to bring the jacket of tomorrow from the drawing board to the marketplace.  Corresponding with CES, the whole experience of the TEC® and SCOTTEVEST brands will change, with TEC® moving to the forefront of this family of brands for the first time.  Scott’s presentation of the TEC® Jacket 2.0 is guaranteed to be one of the most eye-opening at CES.  Who will take up the challenge to help TEC® develop the wearable technology of the future?

About SCOTTEVEST and TEC-Technology Enabled Clothing®
SCOTTEVEST is one of the world’s leading travel clothing companies, and was named the #41 apparel e-commerce site in 2011 by Internet Retailer Magazine and #77 fastest growing Consumer Products & Services Companies by Inc. Magazine. SeV specializes in stylish jackets, shirts and pants with a unique hidden pockets for travelers, and a patented system of conduits and pockets for carrying, using and enjoying personal electronics. SCOTTEVEST is the first clothing company to provide a pocket for the iPad®.

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