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Hindol Sengupta, Social Entrepreneur Top Indian Journalist, Provides Inspiring Interview for Sarder TV

Hindol Sengupta talks about the ground swell of entrepreneurship in India, how it is changing the country and what it means for the global economy.

New York, New York (PRWEB) July 16, 2015

Hindol Sengupta, top Indian journalist and author, working as Editor-at-Large for Fortune India and author of five books, recently provided an interview to Sarder TV, the independent media learning channel. Talking with Vaishali Jain, Sarder TV correspondent, Hindol Sengupta talks about his favorite topic – the social, political and economic changes taking place in his home country of India, and the subject of his latest book, Recasting India: How Entrepreneurship is Changing the World’s Largest Democracy.

“The growth of entrepreneurship in India affects the entire global economy and it is a story that the world media is largely missing,” said Russell Sarder, CEO of NetCom Learning and creator of Sarder TV.

“Hindol Sengupta is telling the story of the strength of entrepreneurship and how it can be a force for change and optimism in India,” said Sarder.

Hindol Sengupta has a mission as a journalist and an author. He is passionately committed to an India where there is hope for social and political change. He believes this transformation is happening now in India as a result of the aspirations of Indians to create a better life for themselves through starting their own businesses. According to Hindol Sengupta, the world should not be surprised at the positive changes happening within India, as the country has a history of entrepreneurship and that this current wave of new business growth is now the seminal driving force within the country. In the Sarder TV interview, Hindol Sengupta talks about why he wrote his book, Recasting India, and what he hopes readers will learn from it including a more balanced view of India than how it is often portrayed in Western media. He talks about why he thinks there has been a resurgence in individual start-ups in India and he discusses the many challenges faced by entrepreneurs in his country including social injustice, government interference and a lack of basic infrastructure. The interview is impassioned and informational and provides an understanding of the power of entrepreneurship.

Sarder TV offers provoking, educational and candid interviews so that new entrepreneurs and aspiring business people can learn from them. The database is part of the international Learning Movement created by Russell Sarder to help spread knowledge and inspire a passion in lifelong learning. Operating on the premise that motivated individuals can learn from the experience, the success and the mistakes of others, Sarder TV provides a unique opportunity to see and hear influential personalities talk about the subjects that matter to them. Some of the past interviewees have included Ira Neimark, former CEO of Bergdorf Goodman, Susan Davis, CEO of BRAC USA, and Dan Hoffman, President and CEO of M5

Don’t miss this compelling interview with Hindol Sengupta at Sarder TV.

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Sarder TV is a learning channel that contains a series of exclusive educational interview videos from top leaders in their industries, as well as motivational videos encouraging our public to succeed in their personal and professional lives, and many more. Russell Sarder, CEO of Sarder TV, has interviewed a series of leaders, who have shared their experiences and how they were able to achieve their success. Some of the names that Sarder has interviewed are: Ira Neimark, former CEO of Bergdorf Goodman; Russ Edelman, co-author of Nice Guys Can Get the Corner Office, Dan Hoffman, and David Hershfield, SVP Online Technology at RedCats.

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