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Hiztoria LLC Paves The Way For Innovative Technology Startups in Kansas City

Website rating and review network Hiztoria LLC ( [1]) has pledged a long-term commitment to doing business in Kansas City and has urged the local population to engage with Hiztoria, in a move designed to give back to the community and generate more interest in Kansas City from technology entrepreneurs looking to set up in business. Perhaps not the first place one might associate with cutting-edge technology start-ups, Kansas City looks set to become flooded with Internet start-ups on the back of the endorsement of Hiztoria LLC and a small number of other tech firms based in the area, which will help boost the local economy and provide more job opportunities for the City’s population. Hiztoria CEO Matt Callegari suggested that the presence of high-tech start-ups in the Kansas City area would make a significant contribution to the local economy, and would help create a dynamic, tech-driven entrepreneurial community in the area. “At Hiztoria, we’re committed to the Kansas City area for the foreseeable future, and we encourage like-minded businesses to do the same to reap the rewards of the City’s untapped potential. This region benefits from a well-educated, young, tech-savvy workforce, and with our energy and passion and the collective efforts of a small number of other technology start-ups, we’re keen to create a hotbed of entrepreneurial activity in this space outside of Silicon Valley, and to encourage engagement at a grass roots level from the local community in the Hiztoria project.” “The Kansas City area is a great place to start a technology business, and we’re happy to lead the way in creating a new enthusiasm and energy for forward-thinking businesses looking to set up in the area. It is our intention to call out to technologists based in the area for support as we continue through our rapid growth stage, and we look forward to fully integrating Hiztoria within the local community as part of our drive to create a passionate, vibrant business community. Who needs Silicon Valley when you’ve got Kansas City?” Submit Press Release [2] – IBWIRE Inc [1] [2]

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