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Hodusoft Broadcasting Software Helps Governments Disseminate Covid-19 Information

Ahmedabad, India, April 16, 2020 –(– The panic that followed the lockdown announcement could well have been avoided if a proper broadcasting system had been put in place is what Hodusoft’s VP feels. Not everyone watches TV or has access to the internet but Hodusoft’s broadcasting software sends out text message and voice recorded message to millions in seconds and they can view the message on their feature phone or smartphone.

It is not just government departments that can benefit by using HoduBS during this ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. There are hundreds of public welfare societies, charities, NGOs and even individual groups that are selflessly serving the public in their own special way. The need of the hour is awareness.

People may not know where to buy essentials. They may not know about nearest hospitals. They may not know about latest orders that prohibit movement. They may not know about areas of a city they should keep away from. In all such instances law agencies and government departments can simply record a text message in different local languages and broadcast the text message to mobile numbers. They can use broadcasts to put rumors and false news to rest. Text messages can contain helpline numbers or links to social media pages or websites.

Public service organizations, for instance, can use Hodusoft broadcasting software to send out appeals to people to volunteer, provide donations or pinpoint areas where there are poor people who need food and medicines. The message can go out as text or voice and responses start pouring in within minutes.

Health departments will find Hodusoft broadcasting software absolutely indispensable in a variety of ways. Centralized control rooms can send out alerts to doctors and nurses as well as ambulances about latest infection cases. They can send out broadcasts and guidelines to general public about steps to take to stay safe.

HodusoftBS is an easy to use broadcasting solution. It can be used to send out recorded voice messages or text messages to millions of mobile phones in just minutes, which is perfect for the near disaster situation that the world is passing through. NGOs or government departments or charitable institutions or police can use it to record voice messages or text and schedule it for broadcast. Such broadcasts can target several groups at pre-determined times such as affected patients in quarantine, those who are in rural areas and those who are living in congested city areas. The software has multi-lingual facility and is ideal for use in India and anywhere in the world to create messages in English and local languages. A response number can be included in the message. The software can be used to broadcast messages to members of the public and by departments to send instructions to employees within each department.

Hodusoft BS is a multi-tenant broadcasting solution which means large institutions and governments can compartmentalize operations and yet have central monitoring and reporting control. The solution has built in IVR for dial back number to free personnel to handle only urgent incoming calls and let callers gain information from the IVR. HoduBS is affordable too since it uses IP technologies rather than the usual mobile text messaging which is expensive. The best thing is that Hodusoft promises to set up and get it operational within an hour or so and they provide 100% 24×7 backup support to ensure it keeps working without a glitch.

Hodusoft offers attractive rates for its broadcasting software during this Covid-19 outbreak. Even businesses can take advantage of the offer. Interested departments and organizations may contact Hodusoft on phone 91 8866728362, 1-707-708-4638 or chat live on


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