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How Cybersecurity Will Evolve in A 5G Connected World

How Cyber Security Will Evolve in A 5G Connected World

The past decade has been defined by various trends in the cyber security world. For the first time, the world experienced the first-ever large-scale ransomware attack. In addition, there was a trend of widespread attacks on major IT companies across the world. Some of the biggest online brands were also targeted with the Facebook breach being among the biggest. Considering how all these attacks happened at a time when 5G networks are virtually non-existent, many pundits have wondered what will come with the advanced networks.


There is no doubt that cyber security issues are set to continue playing a prominent role as the 5G technology gets rolled out across the world. There have been many summits held by professionals to try and evaluate the future of the interconnected 5G world. Technologies like IoT will soon flood the markets and the challenges that come with the new devices will be felt by both consumers and businesses. Already data shows that 69.7% of IoT devices with routers have been compromised at launch. Such statistics go to show why different professionals in the IT world are trying to study the implications of 5G on cyber security affairs.

Why is there a lot of buzz about 5G technologies?

In order to understand the implications of 5G on cyber security, it is important to first understand why technology is a hot topic right now. For a long time, the prospects of an interconnected world where machines communicate seamlessly have captivated the minds of many. People in and outside the IT realm have been waiting for the super-fast technology that completely transforms the way the world operates. 5G comes with unprecedented speeds, increased bandwidth, low latency and many other benefits. It is the perfect technology to enable automation and fully unlock the capabilities of AI.

What are the fears surrounding the technology?

The fears surrounding 5G are all about security. With such a powerful technology being used across the world, many people have wondered what would happen if something would go wrong. Indeed, the impact of attacks and breaches would be significantly higher in a world run by 5G. But intervention mechanisms would equally be effective. Today, there are only a few solutions that exist when it comes to combating cyber security issues. The market today is not concerned about security as much as other issues. Express VPN International Ltd. (the company who owns ExpressVPN) announces that internet today is a privacy minefield and you must navigate it with extreme caution. According to VPNtesting, in a 5G world though, security will easily be the top priority for both individuals and organizations. “Unfortunately, many of us in fear of privacy are not informed enough and may even unknowingly pay for insecure tools in order to keep themselves safe. This Betternet review, a widely popular service that can be dangerous for users is a clear example of this.” 

New approaches to cyber-security will emerge

The key changes that will take place in the cyber security world, therefore, will be informed by the new kinds of threats. Current approaches that are used to tackle insecurity are largely outdated. 4G networks are not as efficient and devices are not built with security as the main focus. In the near future, devices will have to be designed and built with security as the main focus. Both privacy and security will be the focus areas when innovating new products. Organizations will need to develop new kinds of policies in order to sensitize their staff on what proper security entails.

Awareness will be a major aspect of cyber security

Today, there are many efforts that aim at raising the awareness of the threats in the market. As the 5G infrastructure and devices beckon, the aspect of raising awareness will take a key role. Many internet users still have bad habits which make it easy for criminals to target them. Both users of personal and company networks will have to be trained on how to properly handle information on the web. Issues like monitoring and logging will also be crucial for cybersecurity experts. Security affairs will be decentralized and every member of the team will have to play a part in securing information.


Cyber security will undoubtedly evolve in order to accommodate the changes that come with 5G. With over 80% of device users already expecting 5G to bring major changes to AI, it can only be expected that the market will change accordingly. There are many ways in which the sector will change, but the most important change that will be witnessed will probably be the approach that security experts take to tackle issues. More people in and out of the security circles will have to be involved in order to secure networks and data centers. There will thus be a conscious effort to prevent crime in the cyber world.

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