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How Disaster Recovery Solutions Can Ensure Continuous Data Protection

By paying the annual subscription, users can continue to successfully backup data to disk and, with the new backup and recovery features they can achieve zero-impact backups. The new options also allow them to fully backup images reconstituted from previous backup images.

Even today there are enterprises that use the traditional tapes and disk to handle their backup and recovery activities. This is because, new backup software capabilities come with a cost attached, that increases overhead costs for the management. And, the organization does not use the new capabilities of the backup software. So, going by these facts, it becomes largely evident why most organizations are unable to make use of latest recovery and backup solutions and why they settle for unreliable and outdated technology to handle their disaster recoveries.

There is an inherent problem with organizations always viewing backup and recovery process as a tape-based recovery activity that does not require any further investment at all. But it is highly critical for organizations to implement quality recovery solutions that are able to provide value for the investment made.

Some organizations have taken the initiative to invest in new-age disaster recovery solutions that are capable of efficient utilization of the disk in the data protection process. By so doing, they are deriving new value from their backup data. In recent times, backup to disk is a growing in popularity because it is able to offer faster backup and recovery.

The new recovery and backup solutions make a copy of the data and storing it in a format so the application and/or the data it protects are immediately recoverable. By doing so, organizations can work with a simple process that can be seamlessly integrated with SaaS platforms, whenever required. Also, these solutions can create near real time copies of data for testing and development environment thereby providing the organization with business continuity at all times.

Complete protection to enterprise data and continuous data protection at all times are the most important benefits that can be derived by using these new-age recovery solutions.

Opt for disaster recovery and application recovery solutions that provide complete data protection to enterprise data.

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